A Music School From Edinburgh and Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and a music school

It is hard to imagine the modern world without cryptocurrencies and a musical based in Edinburgh made an important decision. The Morningside School of Music will begin accepting cryptocurrency for tuition payments following the demands from students. 

Based on the information provided by the Morningside School of Music it responded to suggestions from adult pupils in the school. Interestingly, many of them work in the city’s burgeoning fintech sector. 

People should keep in mind that, fintech industry plays an important role in Edinburgh. Many pupils of the Morningside School of Music work or study in that sector. So it is perfectly fine for them to use cryptocurrency. Let’s get back to the city’s fintech sector. 

It is worth noting that FinTech Scotland which operates in conjunction with Edinburgh University, was recently awarded a 22.5 million euro grant to establish a Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence in the city. 

Morningside School of Music, its pupils, and cryptocurrency

Interestingly, the school previously used cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to make business purchases. The Morningside School of Music understands the importance of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the school’s decision to accept cryptocurrency was an example of a small business following the recent example set by large businesses. 

It is worth noting that cryptocurrency gained popularity across the world. Moreover, it will eventually become a routine way for people to pay for services of all descriptions. As stated above, the Morningside School of Music in Edinburgh made an interesting decision. 

Furthermore, other schools across Scotland and around the world should pay more attention to cryptocurrencies. Hopefully, people in Edinburgh as well as other cities understand the importance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Edinburgh’s growing fintech industry has the potential to reach even better results. Last but not least, it is desirable to share the experience accumulated by the local companies with other companies across the region. 

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