Sat, May 27, 2023

Acetop UK Records 6% Revenue Jump; Reduces 2022 Losses

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FCA-regulated Acetop Financial Limited published its financial data for the fiscal year of 2022, ending on December 31st, revealing total takings of £180,808, displaying a yearly growth of approximately 6%. 

Consequently, the firm reduced its annual losses to £334,640 from £687,536 – a decline of more than 51.3%, offering a positive outcome for the year.

Acetop UK’s Performance

Acetop provides clients with trading services such as CFDs and spread betting, which has become increasingly popular due to its tax-free nature in the UK. The most recent Companies House filing revealed that the UK branch of the company’s success derives from various sources, such as trading income, liquidity services for corporate and professional clients, and outsourced services.

Acetop UK has reported that the platform’s total notional trading volumes neared $3 billion in 2022, concentrating mainly on spot gold.

“We had a stable year in 2022, and we’re making progress towards providing a complete trading experience for our clients.” “We’re constantly exploring new ways to diversify and innovate our services for a more global audience,”

The UK entity of Acetop was set up in early 2016 and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority in 2022. The company was funded with £5 million when it was first launched. By the end of 2020, investors had contributed an additional £1.65 million in equity to ensure its success and future growth potential.

At the close of 2022, the company boasted a total asset value of £2.74 million along with net assets amounting to £1.62 million – an impressive reflection on their yearly performance! Acetop UK expects a further capital injection in 2023 to continue its growth and development. 

Acetop International Financial Group Limited, the parent company of this establishment, is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands and managed by Wing Suen Lau – a Chinese national residing in Hong Kong.

The financials from 2022 are a positive indication for the company, showing steady growth and allowing them to reduce its yearly losses. Likely, continued innovation of services, diversification of products offered in multiple markets, and further capital injection will contribute to Acetop UK’s future success.

Overall, the financials from 2022 indicate positive outcomes for Acetop, with the company showing that it can increase its revenue, reduce losses, and hold steady assets. Acetop is looking to grow further in the upcoming year, understanding that there are still many challenges ahead and significant growth opportunities. The company will continue striving to achieve its goals, providing satisfactory services to meet clients’ needs.



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