Aeternity and its Social Monetization Tool “Superhero”

Social creators and new opportunities

On May 20, blockchain firm Aeternity launched a crypto tipping platform for social traders. Moreover, the social monetization tool called “Superhero” is the first decentralized peer-to-peer instant payment tool for digital goods or social content. 

It is worth mentioning that crypto-friendly internet browsers such as Brave and Opera support this extension. Firefox, as well as Chrome, also supports this extension. Furthermore, people who support the crypto industry would be happy to hear that a decentralized app called DApp is also available on mobile for iOS and Android. 

Notably, Superhero supports only supports Aeternity’s native coin AE. Thus, it is possible to use only this coin when it comes to tipping social creators. Furthermore, this social monetization tool features a widget for integration onto blogs and websites.

Social monetization app and Aeternity Aeternity and instant payment tool

Thanks to this social monetization app it will be easier to support social creators. For example, users can purchase vouchers loaded with 5, 10, or 15 euros worth of Aeternity’s native coin AE. 

They can purchase vouchers via Paypal or Bitpay. However, they have to pass Know Your Customer procedures. Customers have the option to use atomic swaps to purchase vouchers with Bitcoin, Ether, Dai, Wrapped Bitcoin and USD Coin. Interestingly, if the customer is going to choose this option, they need to comply with reduced Know Your Customer requirements. 

Additionally, the DApp comprises a free browser wallet expansion as well as a widget to make it facilitate tips between users and social creators. 

Another good news for the creators is that Superhero does not take any commissions on tips. Moreover, it pays content creators in no time at all and this an important factor. 

Interestingly, Aeternity is one of the blockchain companies that received support as part of the Indian-government led blockchain accelerator program T-Block. The country’s government should support other startups as well.

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