Afghanistan pullout sparks EU for more military involvement

Afghanistan pullout sparks EU for more military involvement

According to Paolo Gentiloni, European Union’s agent for economics and taxation has spoken about a need for the bloc to develop on the geopolitical stage. Meanwhile, it’s essential to note that the U.S. and other Western allies decided to take a step back.

European House Ambrosetti Forum, Steve Sedgwick, reported that they are an economic superpower; still, they cannot be entirely absent in the geopolitical position.

Gentiloni described a terrible completion to the war in Afghanistan as one example of the west reducing its commitments on the global platform. His comments played as additions to the argument that the European Union should develop a standard defense policy. Many people see this as a predecessor to an EU army.

Gentiloni was asked whether this might threaten NATO, including some European Union nations. He answered that he thinks they can coexist very well.

Undermining NATO is seen as one key reason why the European Union has not established its own army. Critics are also wary of additional integration within the EU.

Gentiloni sees himself as a strong supporter of NATO

According to Gentiloni, the west established NATO mainly to deter Russia’s presence in Europe. Gentiloni also announced that these functions remain crucial. Moreover, he added that he sees himself as a strong supporter of NATO.

Gentiloni says that if the role of the EU is growing with a solid economic recovery while managing to be on the lead on climate change, they cannot be completely irrelevant and silent on the geopolitical dynamics.

Josep Borrell, European Union foreign policy chief, informed reporters in Slovenia that the alliance should create a first entry army of 5,000 troops to lessen its dependency on the United States.

Additionally, the EU established its battlegroups of 1,500 troops in 2007. However, it has never deployed them.

EU’s agent for economics and taxation also answered whether the EU would look to face down the Asian superpower as one bloc in the future. He answered that this could ultimately benefit the U.S.

According to him, there is economic cooperation with China, trade cooperation, but they are totally different systems. He adds that it’s inevitable that the model of different capitalism, which does not stem from democracy or liberty, is an alternative to the European model.

Gentiloni says that they will be partners with the U.S. in this kind of confrontation. However, it’s also in the U.S. interest if this European partner is also geopolitically stronger and influential. He added that they see Europe as a quiet superpower.

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