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AI and Bionics Help 70 Injured Ukrainian Soldiers Rejoin Army

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  •  AI-powered bionic hands help injured Ukrainian soldiers regain functionality and return to duty.
  • Their AI-integrated Esper Hand improves dexterity, learns user behaviour, and enhances adaptability.
  • Provides advanced prosthetics to Ukrainian soldiers at manufacturing cost, easing the financial burden.

In the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, technological advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and bionics are pivotal in helping injured soldiers reclaim their lives and, in many cases, return to the front lines. One such soldier is Valera Kucherenko, who served in the Ukrainian army, rejoining in 2022 amidst the escalating conflict. In October 2023, Kucherenko’s life changed dramatically when he lost both hands in a grenade attack. However, thanks to cutting-edge prosthetic technology, he is preparing to rejoin the army and train fellow soldiers.

AI Bionics: Transforming Lives of Injured Ukrainian Soldiers

Valera Kucherenko has received two bionic hands. He says the bionic hands were specifically made so that he could return to the army. His journey back to the battlefield underscores AI-enhanced prosthetics’ transformative potential, particularly those Esper Bionics developed.

Esper Bionics, under the leadership of CEO Dima Gazda, a physician and engineer from Ukraine, has been at the forefront of developing next-generation prosthetic devices. Gazda believes that AI will be the next step in bionics. The company’s flagship product, the Esper Hand, exemplifies how AI can revolutionise bionic prosthetics. The Esper Hand is designed for AI integration from the start. Furthermore, it leverages AI to learn user behaviour, enhancing its functionality and adaptability. It detects muscle activity and can operate six different motors for individual finger movements, offering a level of skill and precision previously unattainable.

70 Soldiers with Esper Hands, 170 Awaiting: Impact of AI Bionics

The impact of this technology is already pretty prominent. Currently, 70 Ukrainian soldiers are serving with Esper Hands, with another 170 on the waitlist. This device typically retails for around $20,000. Now, its price equals the manufacturing cost to the Protez Foundation, a vital partner in this initiative.

Protez Foundation Fits 70 Soldiers with $20,000 Esper Hands

Ukrainian prosthetist Yakov Gradinar founded The Protez Foundation shortly after the war began in 2022. The organisation is based in an office complex near Minneapolis. He now lives in Minnesota and focuses on fitting and training Ukrainian veterans with prosthetics. Gradinar, reflecting on his motivation, stated that he searched for meaning in his life. In the process, he found that Ukraine needed prosthetics, and he, as a prosthetist, could help.

Esper and Protez Partnership: Free Prosthetics for Soldiers

The partnership between Esper Bionics and the Protez Foundation has been instrumental in providing these advanced prosthetics to those in need. The foundation fits these prosthetics for free. Thereby alleviating the financial burden on injured soldiers and ensuring they receive the best care and technology. This collaborative effort is about restoring physical capabilities and empowering soldiers like Kucherenko to continue their service and support their comrades.

Future Plans: AI Bionics for Legs and Exoskeletons

The advancements in AI and bionics are not confined to hand prosthetics alone. Esper Bionics has ambitious plans to develop leg models and exoskeletons, further expanding the scope of their life-changing technology. Gazda envisions a future where these health devices are accessible to all of humanity, with a current focus on addressing the urgent needs arising from the conflict in Ukraine.

20,000 Limbs Lost: AI Bionics Address Critical Need in Ukraine

Since the start of the war, experts estimate that 20,000 Ukrainians have lost limbs, underscoring the critical need for advanced prosthetic solutions. The integration of AI in bionics represents a significant leap forward, offering enhanced functionality and a better quality of life for those affected. Gazda elaborates that if he takes a cup from a table several times, the system will understand, highlighting the intuitive learning capabilities of AI-powered prosthetics.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Esper Bionics and the Protez Foundation is a testament to the power of innovation and compassion in addressing the needs of those affected by war. As more soldiers receive these advanced prosthetics, the hope is that they can regain their physical abilities and a sense of purpose and dignity.



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