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Amazon to Invest Billions in Taiwan’s AWS Infrastructure


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  • Amazon plans to invest billions over 15 years to establish advanced AWS data centres in Taiwan.
  • Scheduled to be operational by early 2025, this region will include cutting-edge technologies to serve Asia’s cloud service demands.
  • AWS is also investing in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, reinforcing its presence globally. Inc. (AMZN) has unveiled an ambitious plan to invest billions of dollars in Taiwan over the next 15 years. This significant investment aims to establish state-of-the-art data centres, a move poised to strengthen Amazon Web Services (AWS) footprint in Asia and cater to the escalating demand for cloud services in the region.

AWS Taiwan Region to Launch in Early 2025

The new AWS infrastructure region in Taiwan is scheduled to be operational by early 2025, with the announcement made on Tuesday, as The Wall Street Journal reported. This development will feature cutting-edge technologies, including computing, storage, databases, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, underscoring AWS’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement. Prasad Kalyanaraman, Vice President of Infrastructure Services at AWS, highlighted the strategic importance of this investment for both AWS and its customers in Asia.

AWS Expands with $9B in Singapore, $15B in Japan

This investment in Taiwan is part of AWS’s broader strategy to enhance its Asian presence. In recent years, AWS has committed substantial investments in several Asian countries. AWS is investing $9 billion in Singapore to expand its cloud services. Japan is witnessing a $15 billion investment aimed at building cloud capacity. Malaysia is set to receive at least $6 billion by 2037. Thailand will benefit from a $5 billion investment over 15 years. Indonesia saw the opening of a new region in Jakarta in December 2021.

Amazon’s Strategic Taiwan Investment Amid Rising Demand

Amazon’s decision to bolster its infrastructure in Taiwan aligns with the burgeoning demand for cloud services in Asia. Analysts expect this move to strengthen Amazon’s market position, accelerating its sales cycle and increasing infrastructure expenditure. However, geopolitical tensions, particularly the Taiwan-China conflict, present potential risks for tech giants operating in the region.

Amazon Reports $143.3B Sales, 13% Growth in Q1

Amazon’s financial performance remains robust, as evidenced by its first-quarter results. Net sales reached $143.3 billion, marking a 13% year-over-year growth. The company’s stock closed at $187.23 on Tuesday, reflecting a 0.091% increase, though it saw a slight dip of 0.0053% in after-hours trading. Amazon’s stock has risen by 24.88% year-to-date, demonstrating strong investor confidence.

AWS Taiwan Region to Feature 3 Availability Zones

The new AWS region in Taiwan, set to launch in early 2025, will initially feature three availability zones. This addition will enhance AWS’s global infrastructure, comprising 105 availability zones across 33 regions. By providing customers with more choices for running applications and serving end users from data centres within Taiwan, AWS aims to enhance content localization and performance for its customers in the region.

Google and Microsoft Boost Asia Investments

Other major tech giants are also increasing their investments in Asia. Google has committed $2 billion to build its first data centre and cloud region in Malaysia. Meanwhile, Microsoft continues strengthening its presence in Southeast Asia with significant investments in AI and cloud-related infrastructure across Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. These developments highlight the competitive nature of the cloud services market, with AWS maintaining a leading market share of 31% in the first quarter. At the same time, its closest competitor, Microsoft Azure, holds the second position.


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