Wed, July 24, 2024

American Stocks Show Index Rankings

American: American stock exchange sign.

American stocks lowered at Wednesday’s close.

S&P’s best performer was McKesson Corporation that gained 4.38% to 144.84, while JB Hunt Transport Services Inc ran second. The transport company was up 3.63% at 115.65.

AmerisourceBergen ran third with a 3.43% gain at 86.05.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc performed the worst, slipping 5.06% to 99.51, Exelon Corporation lost 4.57% at 44.91. DXC Technology Co fell 3.90% to 27.87.

Bionano Genomics rose 417.62%, making it the top performer on the NASDAQ Composite. Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc went up 72.04% to settle at 6.28, and Viveve Medical Inc gained 39.47%.

Titan Medical Inc fell last at 51.83% to 0.5250, while Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc lost 51.02% at 0.1800.

Dow Jones Industrial Average’s best performers included Johnson & Johnson, Cisco Systems Inc, and Walt Disney Company. J&J upped 1.75% or 2.33 points at 135.17 while Cisco added 0.93% or 0.43 points at 46.79

Exxon Mobil Corp fell 1.71% to 1.19 points at 68.23, marking it the worst performer at the close. Chevron Corp fell 1.03% or 1.20 points to end at 115.11.

Microsoft Corporation declined 0.82% or 1.17 points to 140.41.

US Futures Can Leap with HK Human Rights

The US-China trade war pushed down several US futures yesterday, including S&P 500’s worst quarterly performance in almost three years. Reports signaled the newly approved American human rights bill would turn the tables.

The Whitehouse approved Hong Kong Human Rights Democracy Act earlier today. The Act barred teargas exports and allowed peaceful protesters to obtain US visas.

American House speaker Nancy Pelosi said Washington shouldn’t keep silent because of commercial interests. Otherwise, the US would lose its moral authority worldwide.

Beijing considers the bill as an attempt to interfere in China’s internal affairs. A Hong Kong spokesman said the approval was a political ploy to “contain China’s development.”

The Hong Kong government warned the US it would take countermeasures to stop this Act from taking place.


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