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Analysing crypto trading

crypto trading

Trying to use strategies to trade in crypto would be useless if you did not know how it works. To get a proper understanding of the market, you will have to learn how to conduct analysis of the crypto trading market. This will be composed of two separate parts. On the one hand, you will need to learn how to do technical analysis. This involves learning how the charts work, using several different indicators, and spotting patterns. It is a style highly dependent on all the available concrete information of the present and past. Fundamental analysis is the next type and is a bit broader. You have to pay attention to multiple sources including the news, how a cryptocurrency functions. Generally, any information that can give you information on how traders may value a cryptocurrency. It generally involves more guesswork.

Technical Analysis for crypto trading

Technical analysis for crypto trading, as we have stated, relies on reading charts. Once a trader reads the charts they can start spotting patterns within the behaviour of price movement. This analysis goes beyond simply looking at the overall trends (i.e. uptrends, downtrends, sideways). The entire history of a crypto’s value could be relevant to its future price. This, however, is dependent on what a trader’s strategy is. There are separate patterns for predicting short-term and long-term trends.

crypto trading

They need to keep in mind several components on the chart to accomplish this. They should keep in mind how both low and high price-points interact with each other.

Traders will need to focus on where the support and resistance of a currency is. The support of a currency is its supposed lower limit. The resistance is the supposed upper limit. Once the price reaches one of these boundaries, it rebounds. The trend then moves in the other direction. These two boundaries are not set in stone, however. They can move if any big changes in the valuation of a cryptocurrency occur. This tends to happen after what is called a ‘breakout’. The currency will then find a new support ad resistance

There are several indicators one should look at when evaluating a currency for trading the crypto. This includes things like the moving average, Bollinger bands, a Stochastic, and a Relative Strength Index (RSI). For our purposes, as we are having a brief overview, we will look at the moving average. This indicates the average price of a currency over time. Trying to follow both the lows and highs of a currency can be confusing, although sometimes necessary. This average, however, makes looking at the overall trend easier.

Types of charts

There are several types of charts you can use to analyse the market. There are several, including a simple line bar, the open-high-low-close (OHLC), point-and-figure and many others. However, the classic one you will have likely seen is the candlestick chart. It is the standard that most traders use today. This chart includes rectangles with lines from the top and bottom to show the highs and lows at a particular point. The rectangles are there for a clear indication of the direction a chart moves in. This is because they can be one of two different colours. Green represents an upturn, and red indicates a decrease in price.

Fundamental Analysis of crypto trading

crypto trading

Fundamental analysis involves taking a closer looking at a cryptocurrency. It involves looking deep into the inner workings of a currency and the environment it is in. Your goal is to find out how the market will likely value a cryptocurrency or how the economy could affect its price. The more attractive crypto is, the more likely people are going to acquire it. As more people acquire said crypto, the value will rise up. As the value rises up, a trader can sell this crypto for profit. A pretty understandable system overall.

The most important thing you should know is that the market does not hang on your opinion. You have to think as the general market does. If you believe that a feature of a cryptocurrency is not for you, you should at first think about how the market will value it.

Fundamental analysis does seem more intuitive than technical overall, as you are directly comparing people’s desires to the market. However, difficulties soon become apparent. There are far more factors you need to keep track of with fundamental analysis. There is also a lot of speculation involved. Making a profit soon becomes a lot harder. The charts may seem more intimidating at first, but once you understand them they are quite reliable.

Possible indicators

There are several things you will have to do for this kind of analysis. First, you have to consider the audience for particular crypto. Not every crypto can appeal to everyone, so you will have to see what the aims of particular crypto are. You will need to validate how well what the crypto offers fits with its target audience. Keep in mind that the crypto market is quite young. This could mean that cryptocurrencies will change audiences and people can value new currencies very quickly.

crypto trading

Look at anyone who may support the crypto, a partner. If a well-renowned company is backing crypto, they are likely to have the means to support that currency.

Due to the fact that it is an entirely digital form of currency, the internet is a great asset to you. You can look at reviews, forum posts where traders talk, all sorts of things as an indication.

Watching the news

Another thing to look at in the news. See what all the other cryptocurrencies are doing, if there are any new ones.

You should keep track of world news as well. Political and economic factors can have a huge effect on a crypto’s valuation. If a crypto is tied to another traditional currency, you will have to follow its valuation. See if a state supports legislation surrounding cryptos, and how this will affect their value. However, keep in mind that a crypto will react to these things quite differently from say, the forex market. These are non-traditional currencies not directly linked to any state. So, for example, if any economic emergencies occur, people may move to it as a safe-haven.


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