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ANI vs. Sarepta: Financial Metrics and Market Positions


Quick Look:

  • ANI Pharmaceuticals has a broad portfolio of branded and generic drugs, with strong distribution in the US and Canada.
  • Gross revenue of $486.82M and net income of $18.78M; P/E ratio is 36.58.
  • 76.1% institutional and 12.7% insider ownership; a beta of 0.81 indicates lower stock volatility.
  • The consensus target price suggests a significant potential upside, favouring ANI Pharmaceuticals.

Biopharmaceuticals: ANI Pharmaceuticals and Sarepta Therapeutics are notable players, each carving out a distinct path with unique financial and operational strategies. Despite operating within the same industry, their differing metrics and performance indicators provide a nuanced view of their market positions and investment potential.

ANI Pharmaceuticals: Revenue of $486.82M, EPS of $1.60

ANI Pharmaceuticals, founded in 2001 and headquartered in Baudette, Minnesota, has established itself as a significant entity in developing, manufacturing, and marketing branded and generic prescription pharmaceuticals across the United States and Canada. The company’s diverse product portfolio includes oral solid doses, semi-solids, liquids, topicals, controlled substances, and potent products, alongside offering contract development and manufacturing services. ANI Pharmaceuticals’ distribution channels encompass retail pharmacy chains, wholesalers, distributors, mail-order pharmacies, group purchasing organizations, speciality pharmacies, and hospitals, ensuring wide market penetration.

Financial Stability and Ownership Structure

With 76.1% of its shares held by institutions and 12.7% by insiders, the company reflects a stable investment environment, underscored by its beta of 0.81, which indicates that its stock is 19% less volatile than the broader market. Financially, ANI Pharmaceuticals reported a gross revenue of $486.82 million and a net income of $18.78 million, translating to an earnings per share (EPS) of $1.60. The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio is 36.58, suggesting a reasonable valuation with room for growth. Analysts have set a consensus target price of $81.00, implying a potential upside of 38.39%, highlighting the company’s strong growth prospects.

Sarepta Therapeutics: $1.24B Revenue, $535.98M Net Loss

In contrast, Sarepta Therapeutics focuses on developing cutting-edge therapies within the biopharmaceutical sector. Although it enjoys higher institutional ownership at 86.7%, its insider ownership is lower at 7.7%, reflecting different internal confidence levels. The company’s beta of 0.96 indicates that its stock is slightly less volatile than the market average, providing a minor stability advantage over ANI Pharmaceuticals.

Financial Performance and Market Expectations

Sarepta Therapeutics reported substantial gross revenue of $1.24 billion, showcasing its ability to generate significant sales. However, the company also posted a considerable net loss of $535.98 million, indicating heavy expenditures likely related to research and development efforts. This financial scenario results in a low EPS of $0.11 and an extraordinarily high P/E ratio of 1461.09, suggesting that the market expects significant future profitability despite current losses. Analysts have set a consensus target price of $177.65 for Sarepta, indicating a potential upside of 10.53%, reflecting more modest growth expectations than ANI Pharmaceuticals.

Valuation Metrics: ANI’s Affordable P/E Ratio vs. Sarepta

Regarding profitability, ANI Pharmaceuticals significantly outperforms Sarepta Therapeutics, boasting a net income of $18.78 million against Sarepta’s substantial net loss. However, Sarepta’s higher revenue indicates its larger operational scale. Regarding valuation, ANI Pharmaceuticals appears more attractive with a much lower P/E ratio, suggesting better affordability and potential undervaluation by the market.

Risk Analysis: ANI’s Beta of 0.81 vs. Sarepta’s 0.96

From a risk perspective, ANI Pharmaceuticals offers a less volatile investment option, given its lower beta, making it appealing to more risk-averse investors. Institutional and insider ownership patterns reveal strong support for both companies, but ANI Pharmaceuticals’ higher insider ownership might indicate stronger internal confidence in its future performance.

Analyst recommendations further favour ANI Pharmaceuticals, with a consensus target price suggesting a much higher potential upside than Sarepta Therapeutics, reinforcing the company’s position as a more promising investment option.


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