Antari Markets scam review 2021

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Antari Markets has a good website and promotes leveraged foreign exchange and CFD trading on a web-based platform. However, the problem is simple: Antari Markets is not regulated. There are other reasons for not trusting them, which will be explained in detail in this review.

Is the Antari market legal?

Antari Markets is an offshore broker that lacks any legitimacy and credibility. If you want a safe transaction, please find a legal and reliable trading partner.

The broker claims to be owned and operated by Antari Management Inc. and claims to be registered in Seychelles. Keep in mind that Seychelles is one of the favorite offshore locations for potential scammers, such as Antari Markets, because of its loose taxation and laws for financial service.

Therefore, we can safely conclude that the broker does not have any authorization to provide online trading services, and therefore we can not recommend it. Most of these sites engage in fraud.

Therefore, making a profit through an offshore broker and actually withdrawing it is a far-fetched dream. Most sites like Antari Markets are scammers.

Trading conditions

Antari Markets provides access to a web-based trading platform, which does not meet the industry standard Metatrader 5, lacks automatic trading functions, etc.

Antari Markets’ other trading conditions are also quite bad. The spread of 2 points is twice the acceptable amount in major foreign exchange currencies such as EURUSD-but even worse. The leverage is too high-1:1000 is really too much for retail Traders, as most regulators agree. Therefore, whenever you see a company offering so much money in the wild, know that you are most likely dealing with a scam.

The cheapest account level for a broker is 250 Euros, which meets the requirements of most brokers at the beginning.

What payment methods does Antari Markets use?

If you have already deposited funds on the Antari Markets platform, it is best to apply for withdrawal as soon as possible.

When you try to withdraw money, whether you have a profit or not, they will delay the withdrawal process for several months. If they postpone it for six months, you will no longer be able to apply for a refund, and your money will disappear forever. No matter how often you remind them or insist on withdrawing your money, you will never get them back. If you sign an escrow account agreement or MAA, which basically authorizes them to do whatever they want on your account, they will lose all your funds, so there is no longer any requirement.

The broker seems to accept bank cards and wire transfers. Remember, if the reason for requesting a refund is an online scam, only credit card providers such as VISA and MasterCard have a refund policy that spans 540 days. Therefore, regardless of the broker, it is best to use one of them to fund your account and process the withdrawal request as soon as possible because you can still get your funds back through change.


Conducting Antari Markets reviews is actually a pleasure for us. We want as many people as possible to avoid losing their hard-earned money. A good rule of thumb is to carefully review all forex companies and other companies before executing any transaction. We hope our Antari Markets review is helpful to you. If you are new to trading and are looking for a reliable broker, check our Forex brokers list. You will easily find a safe, legal, and good trading conditions broker.


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