Wed, July 24, 2024

Anyone Can Program with The Help of AI

Anyone can program with the help of AI

Artificial intelligence implies that anyone can now be a computer programmer by simply communicating with a computer, according to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. He declared the end of the “digital divide.”

Nvidia has evolved into the world’s leading semiconductor company, supplying AI chips and computing systems.

Last week, the company projected second-quarter earnings to exceed original Wall Street estimates by over 50 percent. Nvidia is accelerating the supply to meet the rising demand for its AI chips, which power services like ChatGPT.

During his speech at the Computex forum in Taipei, Huang emphasized that artificial intelligence is driving the computing revolution.

Huang stated that each computing era brings unimaginable possibilities, and artificial intelligence represents a significant leap forward. The programming barrier is now incredibly low, closing the digital divide. Everyone is now a programmer – just provide instructions to the computer, and it will execute.

The rapid progress of AI, facilitated by its ease of use, is the reason for its exponential growth, connecting virtually every industry.

New Possibilities

Huang highlighted the capabilities of AI, including using it to generate a short pop song about Nvidia with minimal instruction. He also presented new applications, such as a partnership with the world’s largest advertising group, VPP, for AI-powered generative content in digital advertising.

Finally, Nvidia is actively meeting the increasing global demand for its AI chips. According to reports, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and purported founder of the first AI startup, commented that acquiring the appropriate quantity of graphics processing chips is more difficult than obtaining drugs.


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