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Apple’s Upcoming Event and Main Findings

Apple reveals bigger batteries in new model

People from all over the world are watching Apple’s events. It is not surprising as the Cupertino-based company continues to offer new products and services. Interestingly, Apple’s upcoming “One More Thing” event will take place in one week. The upcoming event will be a major break with tradition in more ways than one.

Importantly, it will be the first time the company unveils an Apple laptop featuring its own custom Arm-based CPUs. The Cupertino-based company plans to unveil three new laptops next week. The one 13-inch MacBook Air and two different-sized MacBook Pro models (13-inches and 16-inches) that reportedly comes without Intel processors.

As a reminder, last month the company presented the iPhone 12 and its different versions. Moreover, in September the company unveiled the latest Apple Watch as well as iPads. It was not clear when the company would present the laptop equipped with its own custom Arm-based CPUs. The company confirmed that it was officially moving to its own silicon chips for some of its Mac hardware. However, until now it was hard to discuss exact dates.

Apple’s new laptops and interesting details

According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, that the transition to fully supporting its lineup with the custom chipset would take about two years. The information provided by the company’s CEO gives us a rough timeline of when users might see other computers outside the MacBook line get updated with Arm chipsets.

It is worth noting that the Cupertino-based company has been testing how this might affect its software ecosystem. Interestingly, to achieve this goal Apple made the decision to help developers, by letting them create and run software on a Mac powered by an iPad Pro processor.

Notably, the core changes the Arm-based Macs will facilitate is the ability to run iOS software designed for the iPhone and iPad on Mac computers, and will also be enabled by the upcoming macOS Big Sur update. The under will bring iOS, iPadOS, and macOS closer together than ever before. It is worth mentioning that, OS update is likely to arrive or receive an official release date next week alongside the MacBook devices.

As can be seen from the information mentioned above, Apple’s upcoming event will be full of interesting details. Interestingly, despite the coronavirus pandemic the company continues to develop interesting products. This fact once more underlines Apple’s ability to respond to various challenges.



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