Whether you’re new to the markets or just looking to brush up on your skills, theoretical knowledge plays a huge role in live trading.

It is a fact that with an excellent Trading Course, a novice is transformed into a profitable and consistent pro trader. Learning the ways of trading and becoming an expert can’t happen in a couple of days. Successful trading needs experience and time to master the strategies of trading.

Aprenda Investindo offers to help their students succeed by providing lessons and support from professionals.

At Aprenda Investindo, you have the opportunity to learn all the necessary skills to build a strategic and effective plan for your financial goals.

General Introduction to Aprenda Investindo

If you’ve been searching for an educational site that provides you with material that suits your needs, then Aprenda Investindo is the right place to start.


Thus, the company aims to provide you as a trader, with education on effective and responsible trading practices. Aprenda Investindo offers various and practical strategies that have been tried and tested by investors around the world.

Aprenda Investindo seeks to deliver the necessary information and allow individuals who are eager to explore profit opportunities to hone their trading expertise.

We offer you to look through our review of Aprenda Investindo – a modern educational platform. Let’s see what does the Aprenda Investindo hides under its sleeve! After all, education is the key to successful training.

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So, What Does the Aprenda Investindo Offer to its Eager and Motivated Students?

First of all, Aprenda Investindo provides its users with the top-tier Industry tutors, that diligently work on creating the most exciting online courses.  Thus, if you choose Aprenda, you’ll receive industry-standard information and practices through classes designed and conducted by professional traders.

Of course, there are several levels of educational packages, and it depends on the one that you’ll choose.  However, the instructional material provides actionable training and practical workshops delivered in an accessible and interactive manner.

Also, the material is full of interactive quizzes that will help master active trading easier. Enter the trading world without hesitation.

Aprenda Investindo’s premium material offers in-depth learning materials and a full trading education experience.

APRENDA INVESTINDO: educational packages


Aprenda Investindo offers a selection of training packages to accommodate the needs of a broad audience seeking to trade in the financial markets. There are three main educational packages:

  1. SILVER – the monthly cost is 250 USD. The account presents its users with e-books and a variety of educational material.
  2. GOLD – the monthly cost is 500 USD. The package offers e-books, educational material on trading, video lessons, daily signals, and market updates.
  3. PLATINUM – the monthly cost is 1000 USD. This bundle has educational material on trading, video lessons, e-books, market updates, and an economic calendar.

Also, for your consideration, both packages, GOLD and PLATINUM, have consulting sessions.

Now, let’s go into detail through the materials that all three educational packages offer.

your journey to financial freedom


Aprenda Investindo’s course is designed to help people learn trading fundamentals and prepare them for a more advanced level of education. It is a marvelous choice for beginner traders, the ones who have never traded and are taking their first steps.

The cost of the silver package is on an average scale, compared to educational courses on other sites, it is 250 USD. The kit consists of several informative articles and material. Here’s a shortlist of it:

  • Trading world Terminologies – For this lesson, you will be introduced to some of the stock trading terminologies that you might encounter once you have ventured into the industry.
  • Basics on Different Trading Instruments – Find out the different types of markets you can trade.
  • Introduction to Financial Markets – Get to know global markets and how a trade works. This topic also covers subjects, like order types, hedging, and rollovers.
  • Online Trading – This course has the basics covered as well as a beginner’s guide to online trading.

In addition to the mentioned subjects above, the course will also cover the fundamentals of trading psychology, charting, common trading mistakes, and several other relevant topics.

Besides, in online courses, there are e-books foreigner level traders that are easy to understand and explain the basics of trading.

The Aprenda Investindo also offers its readers an excellent e-book.

This guide is the first step into the trading industry for the beginner level trainees. In this e-book, you will get a great deal of information that can help you in your exploration of the markets, including the ABCs of a bull and bear market and all the needed fundamentals.

The Education Materials for Aprenda Investindo’s Silver members consist of a series of lectures and videos to make complex topics accessible. Here’s a brief list:

  • Live instructional classes
  • E-books
  • Exams
  • News articles and insights


Here is the Gold package; the price of the course is 500 USD. It has a 14 days money-back guarantee.  Moving on, let’s find out what the GOLD package offers.

Educational Material

It has a wonderfully written e-book, for intermediate level traders. This e-book is a valuable learning tool that digs deeper into the world of trading by covering subjects of risk management, trends, strategies, etc. The GOLD PACKAGE course offers the materials you need to take your trading education to the next level. In addition to e-books, there are video lessons. The content will be presented to you through educational videos and live webinars. The instructors also prepared a few exams to evaluate your progress. Thus, the content is interactive and exciting.  Also, you may access a video recording of a lesson in case you were unable to attend the discussion during the established schedule.

learn from industry experts

Also, as we saw, from the information provided on the website, you’ll learn a lot. We’ve made a shortlist so that you could quickly look through it and make a choice on your own.

Top 10 thing’s you’ll learn:

  1. Candlestick
  2. Technical Tools
  3. Charts
  4. Fibonacci Trading
  5. MetaTrader
  6. Market updates
  7. Indicators
  8. Daily Signals
  9. Trading Styles
  10. Derivatives



This is the third and last educational bundle. Also, the Platinum package covers everything from risk management to basic charting. The price is 1000 USD, and it also has a 14 day money-back guarantee. The Platinum package is the complete trading mentorship program. From risk management to basic charting, this course has got it covered.

This course was created specifically for professional-level traders. It is for the ones who are already experienced and want to receive more in-depth knowledge.  Besides, the e-books and video lessons that the webpage provides are profound and fascinating.

Each session’s agenda consists of valuable step-by-step interactive discussions conducted by experts in the trading field, along with activities focusing on market analysis and execution of trades. The Platinum package contains comprehensive live video discussions, which would not run longer than one hour.

What will you learn?

  • Supply & Demand
  • Novice Mistakes
  • Trading Platforms
  • Pattern Formations
  • Charting.
  • Technical Analysis
  • Trading Strategies
  • Chart Timeframes
  • Cryptocurrencies – Train and Trade.
  • Trend Analysis
  • Trading Plan
  • Economic Calendar
  • Market Updates


We’ve gathered some frequently asked questions, for you, in case our review was not enough for your thirsty mind.


  1. How many lessons does a capital guide offer for each course?

Each course consists of several lessons. The number of sessions will depend on the number of materials that need to be covered. You will also be asked to answer a set of questions to assess your progress.

  1. How can I complete a course at a capital guide?

It is quite easy! The course will be considered done when you finish all the lessons and quizzes involved.

  1. Will I be able to receive a certificate?

Yes! You’ll get what you deserve, after studying hard! A certificate of completion will be presented to you once you have finished the whole program.

  1. Where and when are classes held?

Usually, most of the Classes are conducted either via online interactive live classrooms or by accessing video recordings of a lesson.


In case you have other questions or issues, you can contact Apreda Investindo here.

Call Apreda Investindo 24×7: +55 (11) 3042 7719

Write to Apreda Investindo: support@aprendainvestindo.com

Headquarters: New York, NY 10160


In conclusion, we can say that Profit Plus is a beautiful place to start learning.  It is truly an educational hub, refined in its learning techniques, yet so simple and easily understandable.  The reviews of the Academia Pro students that we came across were positive. If you are a trading novice, you’ll be able to get the fundamentals crucial for your future trading career.

However, feel free to do some further research yourself!
Good luck!

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