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Are Forex Demo Accounts Accurate? You’ll Be Surprised!

Forex Trading: Demo vs. Real Account

How are exactly Forex Demo accounts functioning? People who are usually curious are forex demo accounts accurate, are the people who want to invest, but are still not sure about it. Let’s help you figure out what it’s all about, what execution differences are, and how you can create one safely.

Forex demo accounts are funded with fake money. You are practicing and learning how to trade when you open a demo account. You learn different strategies, pick up on how the system works, and what the risks are. Forex market becomes a real thing, once you start trading with real money.

The Basics

Why do people who are knowledgeable about forex, usually insist that beginners start with forex demo accounts? Because there is no such pressure as if you were trading with real money. You can gradually learn more about your limits, if you are prone to overtrading, so you can keep yourself in check in the future.

Demo vs. Live

Pile of Dollars - Demo vs. Real accountsTo answer your question, demo accounts are not accurate, but there is a catch. As we said, brokers want you to feel what it’s like to trade, and there is no better way to exercise strategy testing than to start practicing yourself. Of course, you will do research and consult with your financial advisor, but it’s up to you in the end. This is for newbies so that they can grasp the basics quickly.

Forex live accounts will not give you the privilege of investing and betting freely, and you will invest differently than you do in your demo account. That is why you need to learn about pips, such as short and long positions, etc.

The pros and cons of Demo Accounts

Although demo accounts are created solely for learning purposes, many people forget that fact. Once they enter the real world of trading, they get confused, overspend, and blame others. We can’t stress enough that demo accounts exist for you to learn the trading strategy (which you will upgrade a lot, get a live account), see what it feels like, and be ready to strategize.

What you should pay attention to

Risk Dices

You are not Trading with Real Money.

When we are talking about trading accounts, every market has a risk factor, which doesn’t exist when using a demo account. Therefore, you will feel like you are playing with numbers, and you can get bored. But this is precisely what you need if you are a pure beginner. Imagine putting real money and starting to trade without any knowledge. You would most probably lose lots of cash and then be revolted around any trading. That is why you need this in your life if you want to become a trader.

Check yourself

By not losing anything, you won’t feel what it’s like when the trade goes wrong. That’s why knowledge is essential at the beginning, and you should start small (for example, using a micro account), no matter how confident you are, because you never get the feeling of what it’s like to lose money for real.

Once you start with your live account, you will feel a sense of responsibility, and you should be more careful because you should treat this as an investment. You will start paying more attention to the news, economy, and learning more about different factors that can influence the market and how it fluctuates.

Check your budgeting

Forex compounding calculatorConsider trading as a life investment. That way, you can have a source of income that will generate over time, if you invest your knowledge and patience into the market. This is something that can help in the future, make you more aware of your surroundings, and how you should treat money in general. People usually learn the hard way how they should adequately budget, so that’s another reason why you should invest your time in learning as much as you can.

In conclusion

To be clear, Forex Demo Accounts are not accurate because many brokers will rig theirs. That is why we emphasized the importance of learning and not investing. It is essential to have a demo account if you want to learn the basics, so treat that as a training account, instead. Once you are confident enough, open a live account using the smallest one initially. Don’t invest the whole amount of money you put on your account. Remember, you are still exercising, but this time, money is real. It’s yours, and you should pay attention to how you handle it. Even if you suffer a loss initially, it won’t be so bad if you didn’t invest too much. You had a first experience of what it’s like to be a trader. See what you can learn from it and keep going. Remember, the money isn’t fake, and you can handle it by learning and being smart about it.


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