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Atomix Review

Atomix Review

New tech solutions in customer communications are constantly popping up and disrupting old methods. Early adaptors can reap the most benefits from these, as they stand out against the grain. Be it in efficiency, intuitiveness, or simply a more natural conversation feel, direct communication apps have been developing rapidly. That’s why we’ve decided to do an Atomix review.

Atomix is an app that allows smoother communication between companies and users. Its main advantages are:

  • Simplicity
  • At-will Nature
  • Accessibility

In our review, we will cover the app’s most important features and properties. On top of that, we will go over other important features, such as safety and implementation difficulty.

Atomix App Security

We’re glad to say that the app seems entirely safe from our inspection. The browser version has encryption on the site itself and the messages. That means credentials, messages, and calls are fully secure from any outside interference.

The mobile apps for Android and iOS are also safe from what we’ve seen. They don’t require any intrusive permissions on your device, making it unable to do any harm. Of course, a good portion of app safety comes from the users handle their phones, so that’s up in the air.

atomix security

However, we can confidently conclude this part of our Atomix review by saying that the developers did everything they could to maximize safety.

Registering and Getting Started With Atomix

As we said, one of the most important parts of using any chat app for business communication is intuitiveness. Not everyone does well around their computer or phone. That’s why it’s important for the process to be as simple as possible.

The registration process on is as straightforward as it can be. The user sees the “No account? Create one” button, opens the link, and there, they only need to fill in four fields. So they’ll only need to create their name, username, password, and email. The vast majority of internet users, no matter how technologically undereducated, will be able to complete it.

atomix chat

The best part is that the user doesn’t need to verify their email, eliminating another step from the process. However, for communication to begin, your company will need to send the user a code. Once they enter the code, they’ll connect to the agent it belongs to and can start chatting or talking.

The entire list of chats is on the left-hand part of the screen, while the contents are on the right. Additionally, while anybody can send messages, only agents can initiate calls. That ensures that the control remains in their hands and helps avoid disruptions from customers.

Advantages and Extra Features

It’s not difficult to see the primary advantage in our Atomix review. Namely, the one-on-one at-will communication method beats chat bots and automated messaging.

While chat pop-ups have some uses, most users will agree they are more frustrating than useful. Atomix eliminates that and lets the customer communicate with a human directly, thus improving their impression of the communication.

Another advantage is that there’s no implementation cost. Your company can just pick up Atomix today and integrate it into its service. Of course, full integration would take a bit longer, but there’s no need for any additional training or onboarding.

And to wrap things up, we’ll also go over some of the things you can do on the user side. Namely, there’s an option to change the default font, which is useful for accessibility. You can also customize your ring tone and date format to better suit your preference. Lastly, account deletion is extremely simple and only takes two clicks.


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