Auctify Launches AI Smart Glasses that Use an App

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Auctify has what it claims is the solution to the difficulty of staying focused in this age of distractions. These are Smart glasses that use AI to monitor what you’re looking at and nudge you to pay attention. It can be the product of your dreams or a productivity-hacking nightmare, depending on your worldview.

The glasses are called Specs, which were launched on Indiegogo. The premise is simple, a camera built into a Specs frame uses machine learning to identify what you’re looking at.

Whether that’s a laptop, book, or another human being, it records this data and sends it to a connected app. This is where users can take action in a number of ways.

If you’re casual, you can simply get a list of how you’ve spent each day. Colorful pie charts record how many of the finite minutes of your life you’ve wasted recently.

To be more proactive, you can set focus sessions for times when you want to concentrate on certain activities. If you want to be whipped into shape, Specs can alert you when you’re looking at the wrong thing.

By using visual and audio cues, you can be alerted. That is with either a light in the corner of your vision, or sound played through the glasses’ built-in speakers.

The Smart glasses come with companion apps for the web and your phone. That allows it to identify what websites or apps you’re using and feed that information into its tracking history.

While Connected to an App, Specs can Do even More

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Auctify founder and CTO Hisham El-Halabi says their product’s algorithms will be able to identify 20 different activities at launch. This includes reading, writing, looking at your phone, your laptop, watching TV, working out at the gym, and doing yoga.

Moreover, this also includes cooking, playing an instrument, eating, and chatting with other people. Even more will be added in the future, and users can change how each of these activities is categorized.

While connected to an app, Specs has a few other tricks up its sleeve, in addition to its activity tracking. It also comes with a built-in blood oximeter, accelerometer, and gyroscope allowing the glasses to function as a fitness-tracking device.

Its bone conduction speakers will let you listen to music. Moreover, you can even take calls using Specs. 

Furthermore, you can put prescription lenses in the glasses, too. That is if you want to use them for the humdrum purpose of correcting your vision.

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