Mon, February 06, 2023

Nicholas Turner

Nicholas followed the footsteps of his father and was always fascinated by the way the economy works. He became a broker when he realized how much potential there is in the stock the market, and now he’s happy to share his advice with others.

crypto firms, cryptocurrencies: BTC and XRP

A quick introduction to cryptocurrencies

If you asked most traders and investors only a decade ago about cryptocurrencies, the response would have been lukewarm at best. Now, these responses have changed dramatically, after an incredibly short time-frame. There is, of course, still plenty of hesitation around these currencies. This is still to be expected as cryptocurrencies are very new, with …

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commodity traders

Learning About Commodity Traders

The primary forces working in the world of commodity trading are, of course, commodity traders. Different traders can vary by different practices and by which materials they deal with. These materials can be gold, silver, oil, lumber, wheat, corn, cattle, meat, basically any valuable raw materials you could think of. The traders usually deal with …

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commodity trading

Strategies for trading in commodities

The commodity market is incredibly broad and covers a wide range of fields. This could be agriculture, energy and minerals. To accurately keep track of all the activity, traders need to use many different perspectives on the possible value of a commodity. These perspectives can open up different avenues of opportunity, or strategies, depending on …

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