AvaTrade Launches New Social Trading App

avatrade trading app

AvaTrade, a Forex and CFD broker, launched an innovative copy-trading solution to help its users connect with other traders and industry experts.

AvaTrade partnered with Pelican Trading to launch the new mobile application.

AvaSocial is a new mobile application, the regulation of which falls to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Furthermore, the broker partnered with Pelican Trading to launch the app.

AvaTrade aims to provide its traders with a platform to showcase their performance.

The broker said the AvaSocial would allow traders to establish their following to share their trading signals and strategies. The app has an instant messaging feature through which traders can easily communicate with each other.

AvaTrade also said social trading was necessary since most traders referred to other expert’s analyses or other trading community members before making an investment decision.

AvaSocial will enable clients to take advantage of all innovative features with just one button on their mobile.

During the launch, Dáire Ferguson, AvaTrade CEO, said they were delighted to launch AvaSocial alongside Pelican Trading as part of their ongoing commitment to support and educate their customers.

AvaSocial provides market accessibility and showcases how the experts invest their money. Sharing and interacting during live trades via the chat functionality enables other users to heed the expert’s recommendations. Traders can also copy experts’ strategies and increase their chance of tremendous success.

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Increasing interest in social trading

AvaTrade plans to take on the market share of the growing interest in social trading platforms.

The broker collaborated with Pelican Trading to developed a comprehensive social trading platform to help users view different experts’ trading strategies. 

Mike Read, the Co-founder and CEO at Pelican Trading says he is ecstatic about integrating their proprietary social trading technology solution into AvaTrade’s mobile platform. The platform that connects and enables traders to share information and learn from the best.

AvaSocial is currently available in English, French, Germany, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (HK), and Japanese.

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