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What is AWS blockchain: Get All About the AWS Marketplace

What is AWS blockchain: Get All About the AWS Marketplace

Have you ever thought about what the AWS blockchain is all about? Were you eager to learn more about the famous AWS marketplace? If so, you should know that AWS Marketplace is a digital storefront provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

It allows users to easily find, test, buy, and deploy software solutions tailored to their needs, all within the AWS ecosystem.

It represents a hub for AWS users to explore and access a wide range of software solutions, ensuring easy procurement and seamless integration with their existing AWS services.

What are its key features all about? Let’s explore more!

Features of AWS Marketplace include

  • Quick Software Deployment: Users can swiftly launch pre-configured software applications with just a few clicks.
  • Unified Billing: AWS consolidates all charges, offering a streamlined billing experience, with all costs reflected on a single AWS bill.
  • Customizable Procurement: The platform supports bespoke software acquisition terms, bulk pricing, and varied payment options to suit diverse business needs.
  • Flexible Pricing Models: AWS Marketplace offers a range of pricing options, including on-the-go payments, extended engagement discounts, and the possibility of trialing software.
  • Robust Governance: Users can maintain centralized control, ensuring that any software or data products they deploy adhere to their organizational standards and compliance guidelines.

What is the AWS blockchain all about?

Stellar and Samsung Blockchain Keystore

Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) is a service that lets you easily make Web3 apps on different blockchains. With AMB Access, you can quickly connect to these blockchains without needing servers.

AWS Blockchain gives you the tools to create and manage records of transactions easily. You can make a simple record-keeping system or a more complex one that involves many parties without intermediaries. 

Amazon Managed Blockchain removes the hassle of starting such a system and adjusts as your needs grow. Once it’s set up, it’s easy to keep running and maintaining.

Most Preferred Choice

A greater number of users lean on the AWS blockchain platform for their technological tasks, making AWS the leader in blockchain deployment. 

A quarter of global Ethereum tasks operate on AWS. Key enterprise clients signifying AWS  enterprise, using Hyperledger Fabric, are Nestle, Sony Music, and BMW.

Easiest and Quickest Development Platform

blockchain, Crypto industry news on July 21

AWS  development is more straightforward and quicker. With the AWS-managed blockchain services, setting up networks is streamlined, decreasing hosting time and offering competitive AWS-managed blockchain pricing. 

Moreover, those keen on understanding the intricate workings can access the AWS-managed blockchain tutorial. Amazon QLDB boasts SQL-esque functions and a document-based model for transaction management, enhancing AWS blockchain applications.

Expansive Network

The AWS blockchain platform provides security, scalability, and smart contract functionalities and supports various AWS blockchain consensus mechanisms. 

AWS has more than 70 certified solutions courtesy of associates who extend support to all primary protocols. 

This Blockchain, as a service AWS, ensures smooth integration and an extensive range of AWS blockchain integration options for users.

What are the AWS Blockchain statistics like right now?

two digit code snippets, blockchain

  • 60% decrease in initialization time when using Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) compared to self-hosted Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Amazon QLDB processes transactions 2 to 3 times quicker than conventional frameworks.
  • AWS powers 25% of the global Ethereum nodes.
  • Over 70 verified blockchain solutions are available on the AWS Marketplace from partners.

Services that the AWS Blockchain platform offer

Here are the services that you can find on this particular platform:

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB)

A wholly administered ledger database offering a centralized, unchangeable, and cryptographically secured record of transactions.

Unified Control

A singular, reliable entity possesses and oversees the ledger, disseminating it among various collaborating parties.

Amazon Managed Blockchain


An all-inclusive service streamlining the creation and supervision of expansive blockchain networks and distributed ledger systems.

Collective Ownership

Different entities can interact and execute transactions without the necessity for mutual trust or knowledge. Each entity, a member, holds a distinct node within the network.

AWS Blockchain Technology Affiliates

The AWS marketplace showcases over 70 authenticated blockchain and distributed ledger system solutions courtesy of our associates.

Why should you use the AWS blockchain nowadays?

With AWS’s Managed Blockchain, setting up blockchain networks becomes a breeze. It reduces 60% of the time typically required to deploy Hyperledger Fabric structures. In addition, operating these networks is streamlined thanks to its compatibility with AWS CLI, AWS CloudFormation, and Amazon Cloudwatch logs.

Also, Blockchain assists in authenticating and tracking multi-stage operations that demand confirmation and monitoring. This technology ensures safe transactions, lowers compliance expenses, and accelerates data exchange. Additionally, it aids in managing contracts and tracing a product’s genesis.

Learn more about the AWS Cloud.

A phone inside a shopping cart with the Amazon logo in its screen.

WS offers tech services over the Internet that you pay for only as you use them, commonly known as cloud computing.

The AWS Cloud provides various online services, from computing power and storage to databases and the AWS blockchain network. These services can be accessed instantly, ensuring AWS  security and are billed based on actual use. 

With over 200 different features hosted in global data centres, AWS ensures enhanced blockchain scalability and facilitates the deployment and execution of blockchain smart contracts, letting you run your apps more affordably and efficiently.

What can you quickly do on the AWS Cloud?

For instance, on the AWS Cloud, you can quickly set up a virtual computer or a blockchain network tailored to your needs and only pay for it while it’s active. 

The global infrastructure of AWS allows you to choose the best location for your services, ensuring optimal performance and security. 

When certain services are no longer required, deactivate them. With AWS’s inherent scalability and blockchain scalability, you can start with a minimal setup and expand to cater to millions.

What is Cloud Computing exactly?

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Cloud computing offers on-demand IT resources like computing power, storage, and applications over the Internet, charging only for what you use. In the past, developers had to handle both physical infrastructure and software. Cloud computing changes this. 

It grants quick, affordable access to IT tools, eliminating the need for significant upfront hardware investments and the hassle of hardware management. Use the resources you need and pay only for those, embodying the essence of the cloud model.

Bottom line

AWS Blockchain has great potential. It is an ecosystem that streamlines software deployment, enhances security, offers flexible pricing, and ensures scalability. AWS leads in blockchain solutions, boasting easy setup, reduced deployment time, and a vast network. 

Alongside its cloud computing prowess, AWS optimizes costs, boosts efficiency, and scales to meet any demand, defining the future of tech services.


What is AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is a digital storefront provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows users to easily find, test, buy, and deploy software solutions within the AWS ecosystem.

What are the main features of AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace offers quick software deployment, unified billing, customizable procurement, flexible pricing models, and robust governance to ensure that software or data products adhere to organizational standards.

What is the AWS blockchain?

Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) is a service for creating and managing Web3 apps on different blockchains. It provides tools for recording transactions without intermediaries and adjusts to growing needs.

What are the benefits of using AWS blockchain?

AWS Managed Blockchain simplifies the setup of blockchain networks, ensures secure transactions, reduces compliance costs, accelerates data exchange, and aids in contract management and product tracing.

What exactly is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing provides on-demand IT resources like computing power, storage, and applications over the Internet, only charging for what you use. It offers fast and affordable access to IT tools without significant upfront hardware investments.


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