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Azuro’s $350M Transactions: Leading On-Chain Predictions

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Quick Look:

  • Azuro provides tools, oracle solutions, and liquidity services for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains.
  • Portable and composable infrastructure enables seamless on-chain prediction and gaming development without costs.
  • Partnership with Olas to develop an autonomous AI agent, enhancing the ecosystem with advanced AI capabilities.

Azuro is at the forefront of on-chain prediction platforms. It provided modular tools, oracle solutions, and liquidity services tailored for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains. This infrastructure empowers developers to create robust prediction and gaming applications with ease.

Azuro’s infrastructure stands out due to its portability and composability, making on-chain predictions and gaming seamlessly adaptable. This unique approach facilitates the rapid development of applications and integrations. Besides, it offers products without requiring permission or incurring initial or ongoing costs. Developers can leverage Azuro’s infrastructure to build and deploy applications effortlessly, significantly lowering the barriers to entry in the prediction market space.

Azuro and Olas: AI-Driven Prediction Market Innovation

Azuro has entered into a strategic collaboration with Olas, a leading network for autonomous AI agents. The partnership aims to harness Olas’s advanced AI technology to develop an autonomous agent capable of operating across the Azuro ecosystem. This agent will enhance the functionality and scope of the company’s services. Therefore bringing sophisticated AI-driven capabilities to the platform.

Azuro boasts a robust liquidity layer, the leading infrastructure for sport and entertainment prediction markets within EVM chains. Moreover, the platform supports over 25 operational applications, with numerous others in development. One of Azuro’s most innovative features is its liquidity pool design. It allows applicants to participate without deploying any upfront investment or running costs. Therefore, this design has facilitated transaction volumes exceeding $350 million and generated over $3 million in protocol revenue, positioning Azuro as the top revenue-generating protocol on the Polygon network.

Azuro Hackathon: Driving Innovation in Prediction Markets

To further drive innovation, Azuro is organising a hackathon focused on developing new autonomous agents and expanding use cases within prediction markets. This event aims to equip developers with the tools and frameworks to create cutting-edge applications, enhancing the ecosystem.

Rossen, a core contributor, emphasises the platform’s commitment to integrating AI agents that can seamlessly operate within the Azuro ecosystem. This long-term vision is expected to revolutionise market analysis and open up new applications for prediction markets, extending beyond sports to areas like political forecasting and other entertainment events.

Olas: Leading Network for Autonomous AI Agents

Olas is renowned for its pioneering network dedicated to autonomous AI agents. Its composable technology stack and advanced framework support the development of sophisticated autonomous services. Through its collaboration with Azuro, Olas aims to tap into the rapidly expanding prediction markets ecosystem, enhancing its capabilities and reach.

The AI agent developed through the Azuro-Olas partnership is designed to predict sports event outcomes autonomously. By analysing and operating within Azuro’s prediction markets, this agent will provide valuable data-driven insights and predictive capabilities, enriching the ecosystem for all participants.


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