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Best Broker for Advanced Traders Awards

Besto brokers for advanced traders

As we enter a new year, it’s time to look back and see what some of our leading brokers were. Naturally, each category is different, and as such, will have a different list of companies. For our advanced trader awards, we’ve decided on a few things. We’ll ignore initial deposit requirements since if you’re an advanced trader, you likely handle substantial funds. We will still take into account the account division, as you likely don’t just throw around hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Furthermore, we’ll be ignoring beginner-oriented features such as education. Yes, teaching its users improves the overall brokerage quality, but it’s meaningless for advanced users. We’ll focus more on luxury features and their accessibility, platform usability, pricing, and other vital properties. So without further delay, let’s look at some of the best brokers for advanced traders of 2021.

#3 Best Broker for Advanced Traders: Brokeragea

Brokeragea is the most toned-down brokerage on our list, in that it doesn’t have anything that pops immediately. However, don’t mistake that for the broker not having much to offer to advanced traders. Namely, the brokerage has a ton of excellent features that let traders profit if they’re clever. That includes many different assets and a modular and efficient trading platform.

Namely, Brokeragea has all the major asset classes in its selection, with solid variety inside each. So while you can go with the standard route of trading popular assets, you can also explore. Brokeragea’s high leverage lets you divide your capital better and maximize your earnings that way. Furthermore, Brokeragea offers a proprietary platform, with a wide variety of analytical functions that can help you analyze and predict markets.

However, that’s not all, as Brokeragea’s tight pricing and fantastic trading features are its primary selling point. It doesn’t require a massive deposit to get an account with fixed pricing, entirely eliminating the effects of slippage. That lets you take larger positions without worrying if tardy execution will throw off the delicate calculation. Brokeragea also offers a variety of other unique features, such as private bank accounts and personal bankers.

Best Brokers for Advanced Traders Award: Brokeragea

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#2 Best Broker for Advanced Traders Award: Invxsler

As one of the newer brokers on our list, Invxsler stands out with versatility and user treatment. Namely, the broker’s service includes various promotions that can help traders achieve profits easier. Their height is dependent on the level of your deposits, so you can get substantial extra funds if you deposit a lot.

It also has excellent luxury features at relatively affordable price points. It has social trading across the board, so you can let others copy your positions for extra profits. Furthermore, the risk-free trade option lets you take some risky positions without the worry of losing money. Lastly, the brokerage offers a ton of different assistants, from those that handle your account to those that are directly trading-related.

It’s also quite flexible, with a variety of accounts, trading instruments, and offers the world’s leading trading platform in MetaTrader 4. The software lends itself to customization pretty well, letting you dictate how you trade. That all lets you mold your service to your needs and leads to an experience where skilled trading leads to maximum profits.

Best Brokers for Advanced Traders Award: Invxsler

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#1 Best Broker for Advanced Traders: SwissMarketsFX

SwissMarketsFX is our choice for the leader in this category for multiple reasons. For starters, it offers customers who invest more fixed spreads, leading to a transparent trading experience. That makes your profit/loss calculations much more precise and overall leads to more precise analysis. The spreads are tight even without the fixed price points, but the feature just takes the broker a step ahead of others.

It also has most of the features the previous firms do in one form or another. It brings flexibility through its platform, as well as a variety of trading features. That means users can explore new trading styles easily, and the broker provides assistance features along the way. So SwissMarketsFX is a solid choice for more experienced traders that want to branch out.

Lastly, it’s the safest broker here, adhering to the MiFID II EU policy. The law mostly protects newer traders from getting ahead of themselves but has benefits for professional traders too. It makes the broker more transparent and its operations overall more user-friendly than its peers. Due to that mixture of factors, SwissMakretsFX inches before the other two and earns our best broker for advanced traders award!

Best Brokers for Advanced Traders Award: SwissMarketsFX

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