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Best Broker for Beginners Awards

Best brokers for beginners

Getting into trading can be quite difficult, and not being able to find the right broker makes it even harder. However, with the online brokerage market constantly evolving and expanding, finding beginner-friendly brokerages is much easier nowadays. Brokers have made great strides towards making entering the trading sphere easier for their customers. Their education has become more robust, deposit requirements are lower, and platforms more understandable. That means entering the trading world has never been easier than right now.

However, some brokers still made more effort to make their service beginner-friendly than others. And those brokers deserve special recognition as they make the trading world much fresher. So enjoy our three brokers that earned the best broker for beginners award!

#3 Best Broker for Beginners: SwissMarketsFX

Our bronze medal goes to SwissMarketsFX, a brokerage that aims to provide Forex and CFDs trading services to everyone. It has numerous features that make learning to trade a smoother process. So let’s take a look at what SwissMarketsFX does well.

The broker has a welcoming, professional website, which does well in presenting and organizing relevant information. It has a wide variety of assets, so no matter what trading product class newer traders are interested in, they’ll find it. It also has an excellent platform that can connect to over 30 stock exchanges worldwide.

The standout features are the excellent support which runs 24/7 and is efficient at helping you fix issues. And perhaps the most meaningful feature it has is the demo account.

Newbies can use demo accounts to get a fairly authentic trading experience without losing any money. As such, they’re invaluable training tools, as you can learn a ton before putting your livelihood on the line. You can’t know how good you’ll be at trading unless you try, and demo accounts let you try without the risk of losing anything. Because of that and its other features, SwissMarketsFX is one of the top options for beginner traders.

Best Brokers for Beginners Award: SwissMarketsFX

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#2 Best Broker for Beginners: Brokeragea

Brokeragea is a versatile multi-language brokerage that offers customers trading on forex and various CFDs. It stands out as one of the best new brokerages, with an exceptional new-trader experience. But what did the broker exactly do to deserve our reward?

For starters, the broker has a solid baseline for newer customers. It uses its intuitive custom platform, which has an easy-to-use interface and has mobile, downloadable, and web clients. Furthermore, its deposit requirement is at $250, which is the standard entry point for budget-oriented brokers. Its website is also good, with intuitive navigation and relevant info.

However, two things really stand out for Brokeragea. The first is its educational experience, which is the best among the brokers on our list. It includes a broad library of ebooks, webinars, and videos that help traders improve.

The broker also has a broad library of assets, which means it can offer safer trading products to newbie traders. As Brokeragea’s traders progress, they can also start experimenting with new assets and diversifying their portfolios. The broker provides a sense of direction and eliminates some of the confusion newer traders usually feel.

Best Brokers for Beginners Award: Brokeragea

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#1 Best Broker for Beginners: Uptos

Our gold medal goes to Uptos, which has a different approach to accessibility than our other two contestants. Namely, the brokerage offers little in the ways of education, so some might discount it straight away. However, what most brokers present in the way of teaching is minuscule compared to what you can find online. So while features that help users learn are nice, they aren’t necessary to make someone a beginner-friendly broker.

Namely, Uptos’ primary advantage lies in its simplicity. Its website has a horizontal layout, meaning you don’t need to dig for important info. Everything you need to know, you can find out just from a few simple pages. That makes it much less overwhelming for newbies and makes it clear what they should be doing.

There’s also the fact that Uptos offers one of the world’s leading platforms in MetaTrader 5. The software itself is both intuitive and powerful, providing traders with an excellent tool to accompany them on their path. There’s also an excellent range of markets, and the pricing is fantastic, further boosting Uptos as a brokerage overall. We chose the firm as our number one because it remains a powerful tool even as you progress from a beginner to a competitive trader.

Best Brokers for Beginners Award: Uptos

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