Best Broker for Mobile Traders Awards

Best Brokers for Mobile Traders

As the roster of online brokers we’ve reviewed expands choosing from the list becomes more difficult. As such, in order to make a choice more easily, we’ve prepared this short series of recaps. Our broker awards are meant to make it easier to choose the right company for your preferred trading method. For today, we’ll present you with the best broker for mobile trading.

To craft our list, we’ve chosen numerous factors pertaining to brokers’ mobile trading quality. Of course, they need to have a mobile platform for starters, but most modern brokerages do. Beyond that, we’ve ranked them on mobile usability and how much of their platforms’ usability carries over. Naturally, we’ve also taken into account the overall brokerage quality, as well as its safety and other important measures. In the end, we’ve made a shortlist of our three favorite brokers.

Let’s take a look at the best mobile trading brokers and their advantages.

#3 Best Broker for Mobile Traders: SwissMarketsFX

SwissMarketsFX is a potent brokerage in many regards, placing near the top of our overall quality list. Truly, there’s a lot to like there, with potent and fair-trading features along with solid versatility. There are assets from numerous asset types, making it easy to justify going with SwissMarketsfx. And it does exceedingly well in the mobile trading department as well, coming in as the bronze medalist.

The primary advantage of SwissMarketsFX’s mobile trading platform is that it fully matches the other versions. Most brokers strip down mobile platforms from features so that they’d be more intuitive. However, the approach SwissMarketsFX takes is undoubtedly better for traders. Other brokers don’t do it that way because it takes more effort. Since SwissMarketsFX actually bothered to pay attention to the specifics, we have no qualms about its positioning on the list.

Mobile Traders Awards

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#2 Best Broker for Mobile Traders: Brokeragea

Brokeragea is in a similar boat as our previous entry, only being slightly more tuned to mobile traders. The difference isn’t as much in the platform as in the brokers themselves. By that, we mean that Brokeragea suits the more fast-paced trading style mobile traders generally prefer. It’s also better as a somewhat casual brokerage, with a lot of beginner and intermediate-oriented features.

Like everyone on this list, it has easy-to-install Android and IOS apps. The software provides you with full access to Brokeragea’s platform and services, including the various assets. It doesn’t restrict your trading methods, allowing for tactics such as scalping and netting. The platform also offers numerous chart types and other built-in analytical features, packing quite a punch. Overall, Brokeragea’s mobile service stands out with its customizability and openness to all kinds of traders.

Mobile Traders Awards

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#1 Best Broker for Mobile Traders: Uptos

As far as mobile trading goes, Uptos essentially takes our favorite things from the previous two entries and unites them. It’s an accessible brokerage with a low entry deposit requirement and numerous instruments. Even before looking at the platform, that factor alone sets up the service itself as one worth checking out. It supports both casual and more serious traders, covering many of its potential customer bases.

As far as its platform goes, it provides you with access to a complete list that contains over 500 different assets. That includes evergreen categories such as stocks or more trendy ones such as cryptocurrencies. Beyond that, the platform prevents slippage and requotes, ensuring a transparent and fair-trading experience for customers. It gives users the tools they need to carry out potent technical or fundamental analysis, no matter which you prefer. It beats others out by being more versatile while matching or exceeding their technical and analytical potency.

Mobile Traders Awards

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