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Best Service Provider Broker Awards

Best Service Provider Broker Awards

When searching for a new broker, everyone has their own priority. Some will try and find the broker that supports their tactic the best, while others will search for specific conditions. However, one aspect traders often neglect is how the broker treats its customers.

Comfortability may be a side thought for a lot of traders, but it can have a direct impact on your success rate. If you’re constantly frustrated by a broker, or if it’s unresponsive when dealing with issues, that can directly impact your bottom line. So being comfortable and receiving quality treatment isn’t just a thing of luxury.

So if you’re one of the traders that put their ease of mind first, our list today is for you. We will put price points aside and see how well each of the brokers on our list treats its customers. The features we will value the most are solid customer support, assistance, and luxury. On top of that, we’ll also be looking at technical qualities that ensure a smooth, frustration-free experience.

#3 Best Service Provider Broker: Trade Horizon

Trade Horizon is a luxury brokerage that treats its customers according to its status. It has fantastic 24/5 support with numerous outlets, making it easy to reach at any time during the trading week. The representatives are kind and knowledgeable and eager to help with any issue you might face. So on the front of customer-company communication, Trade Horizon definitely does exceptionally well.

Furthermore, its accounts offer just about all the luxury features you’d expect. That ranges from the personal assistant, which you have the right to even with the baseline account, to more functional features. The broker offers personalized education, can craft your trading strategies, and help you analyze markets. Further along the line, the broker also lets you join exclusive groups and sends you trading signals.

As for the service itself, it’s easy to digest. The website is simple to navigate and lets you easily find the information that you need. Furthermore, the platform is user-friendly while maintaining a solid degree of potency, ensuring that customers can be content while trading.

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#2 Best Service Provider Broker: Brokeragea

Brokeragea is the next brokerage on our list, and it’s here for similar reasons as the last one. It’s also a luxury brokerage that offers a wide array of features that increase user comfort. It has also proven that it’s one of the companies that put a large amount of effort into treating customers right.

That all starts with communication, and Brokeragea understands that. There are numerous ways to reach the broker via its website and other outlets, such as phones or email. You can do that 24/5, which provides coverage for trading hours. Furthermore, the company is quite active on social networks, displaying efforts to harbor a community.

As for the features, Brokeragea takes a similar approach as our previous entry but does it at a slightly lower price point. That, and the fact that it can open you a private EU bank account, is why it edges ahead of our previous spot.

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#1 Best Service Provider Broker: The Financial Investment Group

Finally, in our top spot, we have The Financial Investment Group. It’s a very experienced brokerage, meaning it kept some traditional customer treatment values. Its multi-decade experience means it knows that each customer deserves solid treatment, no matter their investment level.

And it weaves that into its service as well. The broker is cheaper than the previous to as far as initial deposits go while keeping a similar philosophy. There are tons of features that make your trading life more lucrative and more enjoyable simultaneously.

Some users might be afraid because of the broker’s age, but it has recently undergone a renovation. As such, its technical capabilities are better than most of its younger peers. That’s enough to earn it the position of our #1 service provider broker.

Best Service Provider Broker

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