Sun, May 28, 2023

Bitcoin is among the popular methods for payments

Bitcoin market in Italy

Digital currencies are becoming more popular across the world. Moreover, it is interesting to learn which cryptocurrency is the most popular and how it conquered the local market. It is no secret that Bitcoin is the number one digital currency when it comes to market capitalization. However, this does not mean that there are no alternatives. The digital currency market is evolving, and as a result, customers can choose from various currencies.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin can compete with various digital currencies. Additionally, in one European country it one of the most popular methods for online payments. This fact shows that it can compete with crypto as well as credit and debit cards.

Based on the information provided by the marketing analysis firm SEMRush Bitcoin is very popular in Italy. According to SEMRush, Bitcoin is the third-most-popular method for online payments in the country.

We have to mention that, marketing firm included payments made by using Visa Debit or MasterCard’s through PayPal, as PayPal payments. Otherwise, there is a big chance that Bitcoin wouldn’t be among the most popular methods for online payments.

Nevertheless, this fact does not downgrade the Bitcoin’s achievements. The number one sport belongs to PayPal, and in the second place is the Italian cash card provider PostePay.

According to this report, Italian customers are using Bitcoin for more than 215,000 times each month on average.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency scams in BelgiumDigital currencies and illegal activities

Current, as well as potential crypto owners, should be careful when dealing with suspected cryptocurrency scam websites.

On Tuesday, Belgium’s Financial Services and Market Authority updated its list of scam websites. The financial regulator added nine domains to the list of suspicious sites. Currently, there are 131 websites.

The Financial Services and Market Authority decided to add nine domains after receiving the reports from the local customers. Agency stated the Belgian customers lost money due to the suspected websites.

Unfortunately, Belgium’s financial regulator does not have the ability to shut down such websites.



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