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Bitcoin open interest mimics Q4 2020

Bitcoin marketplace Paxful and Russia

Data reveal that Bitcoin (BTC) futures open interest mirrors the commencement of the BTC price bull run.

On Thursday, as BTC/USD lingered over $40,000, Stack Funds issued a new bullish analysis. This in effect urged cautious optimism regarding additional price hikes.

This week, Bitcoin has attempted to convert $40,000 to support, returning to the level several times and refusing to accept recent advances as a blow-off peak. Stack Funds, however, believes that derivatives are presenting more excellent signals regarding potential positive price continuance in its most recent weekly market appraisal.

Bitcoin open interest is currently increasing in the manner that defined Q4 last year. The springboard for current all-time highs of $64,500. Those who intended to accumulate lower may have missed out on the massive swings. But don’t worry; re-adjusting your entry levels could yield you a more significant return on the overall picture of this supercycle. This is according to recent research.

Meanwhile, the end-of-month expiry event for Bitcoin options occurs this Friday. In theory, this allows for a relaxation of any selling pressure after that.

Clear break

Stack said that, despite short-term price strength, a return to fresh lows near prior all-time highs of $20,000 was less plausible. On the other hand, untapped resistance bands remain a gloomy cloud on the horizon for bulls.

There are also numerous key resistances ahead, including the $41,000 resistance level, which corresponds with July’s 1.618 Fib, and the $45,000 daily 200MA barrier, the business stated. Data from main exchange order books Binance identified a large concentration of resistance bands above $41,000.

Ethereum is following to Bitcoin

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, appears destined for a downturn before continuing to achieve new highs. After flashing a sell signal in the shape of a green nine candlestick on the daily chart, the TD Sequential implies that ETH is trading in overbought territory.

A surge in selling pressure could cause ETH to give up some of its 36.5 per cent gains over the last week. According to transaction history, the most substantial support barrier beneath Ethereum is $1,790 and $2,130. More than 3.5 million addresses have previously purchased over 19 million ETH via this exchange.

The $1,950 demand wall may be strong enough to keep prices from falling further and serve as an ETH recovery zone. The IOMAP model also indicates that Ethereum will face no meaningful opposition until it reaches $2,475.

As a result, ETH is well-positioned to reach this level before the TD’s cell signal is confirmed. Only a break of the overhead resistance expects to trigger a sell-off toward the underlying support, ranging from $1,790 to $2,130.


PayPal President and CEO Dan Schulman have released additional information concerning the payment giant’s growth of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency services.

Schulman intimated that buy and sell functionality might be available in the United Kingdom as soon as next month, fulfilling commitments made as far back as February. Although there was no direct mention of Bitcoin in the call, Schulman stated that the business is adding capabilities to its Venmo crypto services. That could allow thousands of people to obtain Bitcoin price exposure if implemented in the United Kingdom.

PayPal now only allows clients to buy and sell Bitcoin internally through the use of an internal IOU.


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