Sun, May 28, 2023

Bitcoin Recently Reclaimed $17,000?


The Main Reason Bitcoin Recently Reclaimed $17,000

By market capitalization, Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency, has risen to a two-week high of $17,010 on the Bitstamp exchange. This is good news. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization increased by almost 4% in the previous day.

The most recently price increased just before Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s eagerly anticipated speech, which delivered this Wednesday at the Brookings Institution, an American research organization established in 1916.

The market will be on the lookout for hints regarding the central bank’s upcoming monetary policy. Several Fed representatives have said in the past several weeks that the institution may raise the benchmark interest rate by 50 basis points.

This week’s slump in cryptocurrency values is mostly a result of the Fed’s hawkish monetary policies. Interest rates rose to their highest level since 2008 this year, which had a significant negative impact on other risky assets as well. The fourth consecutive 75-basis-point boost was approved by the Fed earlier this month.

A fresh round of criticism of cryptocurrencies on social media, including predictions that Bitcoin will reach zero, was spurred by the failure of the third-most popular cryptocurrency exchange. Old-timers recall that while Mt.power Gox’s was unsurpassed, even its bankruptcy in 2014 didn’t permanently harm the cryptocurrency sector.

Do you keep Bitcoin on hand? Remembering Mt.Gox

One of the first centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX) to appear, Mt.Gox opened its doors in 2010. Since there were no decentralized exchanges (DEX) at the time, specialized chat rooms and forums served as CEX alternatives. That scenario’s prevailing logic assumed that if the biggest cryptocurrency exchange went under. There would certainly be a liquidity crisis on the market.

According to Chainalysis analyst Eric Jardine, Mt.Gox had 46% of the market in its peak whereas FTX only made up 13%. Additionally, since DEXs account for 50% of the entire inflow of capital to cryptocurrency exchanges, the market can now survive the failure of a single participant considerably more easily. As a result, the industry’s danger of collapse is prevalent , and the volatility of cryptocurrencies decreases with time. The market needed nearly two years to adjust completely to the loss of such a major participant. Revenues then started to increase once more and doubled by the end of 2015.

Mt.Gox was the dominant participant during its prime, accounting for nearly half of all cryptocurrency transactions. According to a timeline of obituaries for the cryptocurrency on 99Bitcoins. Bitcoin got more than 40 eulogies in 2014 alone after its fall.



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