Bitcoin’s price may reach $20,000

Cryptocurrencies on Thursday

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others are becoming more popular around the world. At the moment, Bitcoin is the most popular and at the same time expensive cryptocurrency on the market. It means that investors, analysts and crypto enthusiasts are monitoring the situation regarding this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin came to exist ten years ago, and since that period of time played a crucial role in the digital currency market. It helped to make cryptocurrencies recognizable even the most isolated place on Earth. In December 2017, Bitcoin’s price was close to reaching $20,000. However, until this day it was unable to reach this milestone. It will be two years in December 2019 since the last time when Bitcoin surpassed $19,000.

However, debates about the topic never stopped, and people are wondering whether the Bitcoin will be able to reach this level. This year Bitcoin’s price changed multiple times. The best result so far was $13,880. It is important to mention its price decreased by more than 40% as of October 2. It meant that in several months after achieving more than $13,800 Bitcoin was unable to continue its journey to the top.

According to several sources, Bitcoin’s price may reach $20,000 by the end of 2019. For example, Sean Barger who is a managing director of CPUcoin believes that price will reach $20,000. He thinks that due to favorable conditions Bitcoin has the potential to reach this level.

Tomas Salles, who is a financial writer at FXStreet also believes that Bitcoin’s price has the ability to reach $20,000. There are other people in the crypto community who shares the viewpoint of Barger and Salles.

Cryptocurrencies and Swiss regulations

Cryptocurrencies and Swiss regulators

The head of Swiss Financial Market Advisory Mark Bronson talked about crypto regulations. He said he is not concerned about Libra. It is essential to mention that Libra Association decided to register in Switzerland.

Bronson said the bigger problem is not Libra but crypto projects which lack supervision. His comment once more underlines that Libra is not a problem for the financial markets.

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