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Bittradehouse Review

Bittradehouse Review
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Bittradehouse Review – The choice for modern traders

Bittradehouse Review – The choice for modern traders

General Information & First Impressions

Bittradehouse is a brokerage that offers worldwide forex and CFD trading services. It operates from Europe, as is evident by the fact that the baseline language is German. Don’t fret if you aren’t a German speaker, though, as the broker also has a simple solution for that. It’s a strongly financially-backed company that wishes to create a streamlined, accessible, and powerful trading environment. Our review will tell you more about the company’s properties and help you decide whether it’s the right one for you.

We already mentioned accessibility as one of the broker’s goals. We also noted that its baseline language is German, which conflicts with that somewhat. A lot of people speak German globally, but it’s not one of the most widely-spread languages.

However, the broker has a fairly simple solution to that, in tirelessly working to create over fifty translations for its website. As such, even people who weren’t able to trade before due to language barriers can do so at

As you can tell, that isn’t a small benefit. People in smaller countries without English skills often have extremely limited online trading choices. Having a brokerage that can help them surmount the language issue is quite meaningful.

However, that’s not all there is to the broker. It’s also accessible in numerous other ways, such as its website. It structured the site so that it’s easy to explore each section and that you don’t get overloaded with information. Even the formal documentation is concise and fits on one web page, so you won’t need to cross-reference multiple documents.

Of course, that accessibility also applies to other areas of the broker’s functioning. We’ll elaborate further in the following parts of our Bittradehouse review.

Fund and Account Security

happy customer 83%

The prerequisite to any good broker is that it keeps its users safe. That’s why the first thing we always cover in our reviews is the broker’s security. Many traders have been burned by bad brokers, and the damage done by them can have longstanding consequences. Whether you’re a new or experienced trader, getting scammed likely has serious financial implications.

Of course, you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. However, if you’ve had a successful trading streak, you may begin to rely on the money in your trading account. Finding out that you can’t withdraw it can damper your plans and intentions for the future significantly. Of course, it’s also just frustrating since you did make that money fairly, it’s just being stolen from you.

Sadly, the only way you can avoid something like that happening to you is not to choose a scam brokerage. And that’s becoming increasingly difficult, with scammers proliferating rapidly. Spotting them is getting harder as well since they are constantly getting better at hiding their intentions. However, we’ve been looking at brokers for a long time and are quite confident in recognizing scams.

Luckily for our review, the broker doesn’t seem to have any nefarious intentions. From its setup and the way it informs users, we can see that it doesn’t intend any harm, which can’t be said for scammers.

A large part of our trust rating comes from the broker’s consistent insistence on trader knowledge. In every step, it emphasizes caution and tries to present relevant information, not wanting to lead you into blind trust. Because of that, we find it hard to believe that anyone will have any serious security issues with the broker.

Registration at

Registering at Bittradehouse is a simple and streamlined experience. One thing we like about the broker is that it eliminates extra steps and menus that you usually have to go through. For example, you choose your login credentials on the first screen instead of going to an additional one.

Of course, it’s not just the few seconds you save by not needing to click a few extra times. One benefit is that you get your account while you wait to get verified. That way, you can look around while you’re waiting and get to know how the brokerage works and learn about its conditions.

As we said earlier in our Bittradehouse review, it strives to be a streamlined and optimized broker. And that doesn’t only come from major conditions but also small improvements, such as the registration process.

One more thing that we need to mention is that the broker is quite purposeful with the information it requires. It doesn’t ask for anything more than it strictly needs. It’s careful not to overstep boundaries, which is fairly unique in the brokerage world.

Account Info 

Bittradehouse has three different account types for traders to choose from. That way, it covers traders at different budget levels without sectioning its service too much. However, it also managed to avoid a common problem for brokers, which is that they make the jumps between their accounts too steep.

Account Info

If that happens, the brokerages can accidentally (or even purposefully) trap traders into accounts they aren’t happy with. If that happens, you might either leave a broker altogether or invest more than you’re comfortable with. Neither is, naturally, an ideal solution, especially if your brokerage options are limited.

We’re glad that the broker managed to structure its accounts so that it prevents that common issue. However, that’s not all we have to say about the broker’s accounts. As we said numerous times in our review, it aims to be streamlined and powerful. It also applies that to its accounts, which unlock and enrich the service. 

That starts from the baseline account, which only requires a $250 deposit. Even then, it has numerous features that often go for much more than other brokerages. The most notable things here are the account manager and trading signals, which we usually consider luxury conditions. They are especially meaningful for newer traders since they need that extra bit of direction the broker provides.

The more expensive accounts at also overperform their price ranges. They build on what the cheaper accounts provide and Also unlock extra trading features, such as swap discounts. That way, the broker rewards loyal customers who have shown their trust by depositing larger sums.

Bittradehouse’s Trading Platform

Bittradehouse’s Trading Platform

Bittradehouse’s platform fits with the rest of the service when it comes to emphasizing usability and openness. For mobility, the broker made sure it was a web platform that could be accessed from any computer easily. That way, if you find yourself trading from an unfamiliar device, you can do so without downloading anything and without any delay.

We’re aware that some traders may prefer terminals, but we feel like that view is a bit outdated. It was valid before when web platforms were less optimized and often more feature-limited, but nowadays, that’s not the case. Modern web platforms are usually precise copies of downloadable terminals with all their features and optimization. 

On top of that, as we said numerous times in our review, the platform itself is usable and optimized. That eliminates any possible user frustration, which is great for prolonged trading sessions. Just trading can be agitating, and there’s no room for faulty platforms to introduce additional anxiety.

Of course, it’s also powerful, with all the analytical tools that you’re used to and more. It’s a significant bonus to traders that use the broker, with numerous features that significantly improve their experience.


As you can see from the entirety of our Bittradehouse review, we’re quite satisfied with the broker’s service. Unlike most brokers, it didn’t put all of its eggs in one basket and instead created its service as a whole. As such, unlike most online brokerages, its service isn’t lopsided and imbalanced. All the conditions come together cohesively and create a fantastic experience for users. 

It’s a safe brokerage that also has numerous helpful conditions that serve to direct traders and improve the precision of their predictions. Altogether, it has numerous benefits over similar companies when it comes to just about every characteristic that’s important. 

If you’re in the store for a new broker, your takeaway from our review should be that you should try it out.



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