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Blackstone500 Review

Blackstone logo
General Information
Broker Name:Blackstone500
Broker Type:Forex, metals, cryptos, and stocks
Operating Since (Year):2008
Address:Prime Tower, Hardstrasse 201, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland
Broker status:Active
Customer Service
Languages:English and more
Trading platforms:Activ8
Trading platform Time zone: -
Demo account:-
Mobile trading:Yes
Web-based trading:-
Other trading instruments:-
Minimum deposit ($):250
Maximal leverage:1:200
Scalping allowed:N/A

Blackstone500 describes itself as an international trading online corporate. Just their wording shows how unprofessional they truly are – what kind of a broker call themselves an online corporate? Additionally, they claim to have found a ground-breaking algorithm with their third-party trading software.

Blackstone500 Review – Worth the deposit? No

Another example of their incompetence found on their website is the description of their benefits. They don’t list any real benefits, but rather a very vague message with typos. How serious are they about their clients and work, if they can’t even create a solid website, to begin with? Especially when they say that one of their main missions is to provide quality.

Blackstone500 Review – Worth the deposit? No

And for a broker located in the UK, they can’t seem to even explain what they mean with correct grammar.

Blackstone500 Review – Worth the deposit? No

This is only a small fraction of what they really stand for. Regardless of that, we found a lot more information about them, which proves that they are not a trustworthy broker.


Blackstone500 regulations and licenses

Blackstone500 regulations and licenses

Their legal documents do not post any real information besides from the most basic website docs. These documents are not exclusive to brokers, but rather every and any kind of website online: privacy policies, terms and conditions, deposits, withdrawals, and glossary describing the most basic financial terms.

Where are the regulation documents? Or even AML or KYC documents? They do not care about abiding by any law; rather, they use the laws they want during calls to their customers. Most likely, even lying just to get people to deposit. Why do we think so? Because we have a good eye for scammers, especially the ones who don’t even try to hide it.

We checked FCA’s listing to see where Blackstone500 stood with their regulations. We found that they are most likely conducting business in the UK without authorization. They are lying to their clients. Thus we can safely say in this review that Blackstone500 is a scam.

Balckstone500 scam Account type review

Blackstone500 offers three types of accounts to traders: standard, bold, and VIP. It seems quite standard for the industry until you notice the V’s and X’s. Though they are supposed to be checkmarks and strikeouts, it is funny how a supposedly professional brokerage can’t even post images of the two in their lists. Account type review

The most important information to retain from these accounts is the following:

Standard account

  • Minimum deposit ($/€/£): 250
  • Maximal leverage: 1:30
  • Spread: From 1.3

Bold account

  • Minimum deposit ($/€/£): 3,000
  • Maximal leverage: 1:30
  • Spread: From 1.5


VIP account

  • Minimum deposit ($/€/£): 12,000
  • Maximal leverage: 1:200
  • Spread: From 0.1


Why? Because Their leverage goes up to 1:200 for 12k+ deposits. Yes, they might be retained for professional brokers, but no real regulation allows for the number to go up that high. And as we saw, they have no kind of regulations or limitations. They do as they wish, thus if they get someone to deposit 12k, they will make sure that they lose all of their money.


Trading Services and Assets with Blackstone500

Blackstone500 offers four types of assets: forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency. This is not an outstanding list, but it seems the only real thing about this company. When brokers have a wide range of assets, they need to be using the most popular software: MT4 or MT5.

Since the only platform at Blackstone500 is Activ8, it makes sense why their options are so limited. This is another aspect we need to discuss. How can such a large international broker not provide the best platform? Because they do not care about your comfort, they care about taking your money and never calling you back.

Trading Services and Assets with Blackstone500


Conclusion – Blackstone500 is a scam

We advise you to avoid Blackstone500 at all costs because:

  1. They are not regulated
  2. They use Activ8 instead of a large-scale platform
  3. They are not serious about their website development
  4. They have no real legal documents listed
  5. They are considered a scam by the FCA


If you still decide to trade with them, do it at your own risk. We found them as not worth your time and money, as most likely, they will steal from you.


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  1. Amy McMillan says:

    Lost all my money

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      Trading Instument

    I am now depressed because of this broker. They have shown me potential earnings and convinced me to invest that much which I did but I lost everything. I even sold some properties for this.

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  2. Michael Carlton says:

    Worst withdrawal process

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      Trading Instument

    Poor customer service and the worst withdrawal process I have ever observed.

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