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Wibest – Brother: Minister for Orpington Jo Johnson


The personal blow against the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson came as his brother, Jo Johnson, resigns from his post. Boris Johnson’s plan to start off the election campaign was overshadowed in headlines after Jo resigned.

The younger Johnson officially quit the government after citing national interests, a slap in Boris’ Brexit goals. Jo’s resignation dominated local and international headlines on Thursday and Friday.

Articles about the BPM’s brother made it worse for Boris Johnson’s plan, garnering harsh headlines and drawing criticism. A local news outlet even said that even the UK prime minister’s own blood doesn’t have faith in him.

As the Great Britain spirals towards an election, Brexit-related news remains the focus of traders for more than 3 years. The discussions and concerns range from a harsh no-deal Brexit to even dropping the whole plan of leaving the EU.

Jo Johnson announced his retirement from the cabinet saying that there is an “unresolved tension” between loyalty to his family and national interest. Jo Johnson is a member of the UK Parliament for Orpington since 2010.

The resignation of the BPM’s younger brother came as a surprise as the MP had only recently returned to the government. Jo Johnson held the post of Business Minister and soon resigned 21 days after Conservative MPs lost.

The decision of Boris Johnson’s brother comes amidst the tension between the MPs and Downing Street. The two sides have been in odds over the treatment of Conservative party members who lost the whip.

In his official Twitter account, the young Johnson said that it has been his honor to serve Orpington and sit as a minister.


Wibest – Brother: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

#OverAndOut was the last part of Jo Johnson’s Twitter post after he resigned from the UV government. The young Johnson’s departure and stance aren’t the only one from the Conservative party members and the British government.

Caroline Spelman, the former Conservative party chairperson, previously said that she would leave the parliament. According to Spelman, she cannot stand to be ‘pro no-deal’ because she knows what will happen to jobs and businesses.

Another politician who expressed his opposition is Nick Hurd, the state of Northern Ireland’s minister. In a statement, Hurd said he will stand down at the next election, saying he wants a “new challenge.”

Hurd’s decision came after the resignation of the BMP’s younger brother Jo Johnson. Hurd later clarified his statement on Twitter saying that he is not resigning and will continue his duty as Northern Ireland’s minister.

Many figures in the Great Britain also praised the decision of the young Johnson brother. Former digital minister, Margot James, told Jo Johnson that she is humbled by his decision to leave the government.

Another one is David Gauke, a member of the UK parliament since 2005. Gauke defended the younger Johnson’s decision saying that the bigger loss is to the parliament, government, and the conservative party.

And the former Conservative MP Nick Boles took a jab at British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Twitter. Boles said that the BMP is willing to sacrifice anything for his ego and own ambitions.

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