Sun, August 14, 2022

BUX Launches Fractional Investing in Europe

BUX Launches Fractional Investing in Europe

BUX is making history today as the first online brokerage in Europe to offer clients fractional investing. With this new service, BUX has become an integral part of customers’ lives and will be able to invest on their behalf into some world-class companies like Google, Amazon, or Tesla with just 10 euros!

The Zero users can now purchase shares from popular stocks globally, such as Google, Tesla, and Amazon.

BUX aims to break down the barriers to entry into the financial sector through the introduction. According to BUX, fractional investing is a fantastic way to diversify your portfolio.

BUX’s mission has always been to make investing both accessible and affordable. They began this journey by removing commissions from European markets, something which was previously not offered in the U.S.- before they launched fractional stocks for smaller budgets like younger generations with limited funds can now build their own diversified portfolios using shares of some big-name global tech companies alongside well-known retail brands like auto and retail while owning small amounts auto manufacturers too!

In 2021, Protus Ventures and Tencent led BUX in raising a fund of $80 million. Salim Sebbata joined BUX as the UK CEO with Endeit Capital, Optiver, Citius, and ABN Amro Ventures.

Fractional Investing

In the U.S., fractional investing has grown in popularity. In Europe, the demand for fractional investment is rising following its tremendous success in the United States. The service was essential to the rising number of retail investors throughout the United States in recent years.

According to DriveWealth’s Retail Trends study, 82% of their poll respondents think a contemporary investment platform should provide fractional trading, equities investing, and ETFs to achieve long-term investment objectives.


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