Thu, December 08, 2022

BUX Zero offers new App right from the Netherlands

BUX Zero offers new App right from the Netherlands

BUX is a retail brokerage based in the Netherlands. Recently, it officially launched its BUX Zero trading app.  On Wednesday, all the waitlisted users finally had a chance to start using the app. Thus, the broker has signaled the beginning of its EU Market ascend. However, ever since 2014, BUX’s mission was to make the world of finance a more approachable and accessible. The company has worked hard to create a trade space for more than 2 million users across the whole of Europe.

Both experienced and beginner investors can exploit the BUX Zero app. It is powered up by its own back-end broker, and will soon be available to users all over Europe. However, the company has no need to secure third-party back-end brokerage partners in multiple countries.

BUX Founder and CEO, Nick Bortot, has made a statement on the launch. He said that the BUX teams have been working for years to create a high-quality app for their users.  His team has put a lot of thought and care into the app.  Therefore, the company is proud to invite Dutch users to be the first to experience BUX Zero.

The company is happy to create appealing and interactive mobile apps. Operating across the EU has allowed the creative team to design a better investing solution for a completely new community of digital natives.

BUX Zero wants to expand even more and reach out to Germany and Austria

After the successful launch, BUX Zero plans to start with onboarding users on its new app waitlist. Afterward, over the coming weeks, it will move onto new users. Recently, it has launched in the Netherlands and in addition, BUX has grand plans. However, it is in the middle of preparing brand new offers and app proposal to users in Germany and Austria. Step-by-step it’ll reach all over the EU.

In the beginning, the BUX Zero gives their users options to make Market Orders and Limit Orders. Any of these preferences are available commission-free until the end of the year. In 2020, the company will add a third-order type, the “Basic Order”. It will charge €1 for Market Orders and €2 for Limit Orders. Afterward, the “Basic Order” user’s purchase will be completed at a fixed time exclusively once a day. Finally, this order type will be commission-free forever.


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