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Can a New Technology Replace Service?

Can a New Technology Replace Service?

Once a new technology appears, it often sparks the question, What will this technology replace? There are certain situations where a new technology replaces something, such as older technologies or approaches. However, the idea behind it is to improve the customer experience and the local service.

In a period of advanced faceless e-commerce transactions and automated call centers, the idea of better service through technology might feel confusing. However, the modern world is full of examples where technology paired with people improves service levels and increases the bar for good customer service.


Some real-life examples

For example, the drive-through windows had successful results in the restaurant industry. Technology allowed customers to stay in the car at a restaurant while getting fast service. The consultant and the customer communicate via speakers and digital displays on menu boards, then get closer to the window to pay and pick up the order. This process involves improving customer service chains organized by people who use technology to be more productive, so customers get their food faster.

Another example of improving service rather than replacing people is cellphones and message options. Indeed, cell phones made it considerably more accessible for people to reach each other than the old landlines. However, texting changed the way people communicated before. This improvement includes how people communicate with customer service providers. With texting, they can demand immediate and quick responses. There are also plenty of abbreviations and emojis to speed up the time creating the message. In this case, the technology improved the service rather than replacing it.

Besides, there are some examples of technological advancements that slightly changed the reality. For example, e-commerce apps replaced human interaction with just clicks, leading to fewer service staff and activities. However, it would be best to think that all of these retailers, warehouses, and grocery stores physically serve you and do the shopping for you. This service didn’t exist before, and now it has improved the quality of life. The same thing happened with restaurant delivery services. People with apps gladly spend $5 to $15 for food delivery when before, even 2$ seemed a big deal. Consumers’ willingness to pay additional costs indicates an expectation for better service combined with technology and local personnel. This way, people feel more relaxed when they can even track the order after requesting it. 

Overall, we can say that new technology is a vital element in making things better and faster.



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