Educational Website: Capital Pro RU Review

This website review focuses on Capital Pro RU, an educational website that offers some trading educational for both new and experienced traders.


It’s not a secret that the markets are never simple. Oftentimes, they are unpredictable and irrational. So, playing things by ear and attacking without a plan do not go down well with traders.

Capital Pro RU promises to fix that by providing high-quality trading education to these learners. How does it do that? What does it offer? And what can we say about it?

What is Capital Pro RU?

Capital Pro RU is an educational website that targets audiences and clients from around the globe. According to its website, it employs professional and expert traders as instructors.

What is Capital Pro RU?

What that tells us is that new learners will have traders with firsthand experience of the market as their guides to the trading world. And that’s not bad.

Also, Capital Pro RU is wise enough not to lump all lessons into just one course. Naturally, different traders will have different educational needs. It offers three distinct packages that are aimed at different trader levels.

Let’s see what this website has got to offer.

What does Capital Pro RU Offer?

Capita Pro RU offers a unique learning experience, useful insights to the markets, and a better trading future, for a price of course.

What does Capital Pro RU Offer?

The courses or “packages” it offers are:

  • Silver Package, which costs $100
  • Gold Package, which costs $250
  • Platinum Package, which costs $750

These packages, as we’ve mentioned, are for different levels of traders. You can also think of them as steps for new learners. Within each package are lessons in e-books, videos, webinars, and more.

Silver Package


The first step is the Silver package, which is most suitable for beginners who are just starting out to discover the markets. This one is for those who have absolutely no idea how the market works.

The package includes:

  • Lessons about market operations
  • Financial markets basics
  • Trading terms and jargon
  • Kinds of asset and trading instruments
  • How online trading works

Whether you want to learn how the market basically works or what trading instruments are best for you, there’s a lesson for that.

Keep in mind, however, that these are basic lessons. That means if you’re eager to jump right through the more complex topics regarding each subject, you’d have to avail the next package.

Gold Package

Gold Package

Meanwhile, the Gold package is for those who’ve graduated from being beginners. Traders who consider themselves to be intermediate learners will love this package worth $250.

And what do we mean by “intermediate learners”? These are clients who are usually well aware of the market’s basic works but aren’t sure why or how those things exactly happen.

Also, it’s important to point out that this package is largely about technical trading. It’s the best seller among the bunch, and the buyers are typically short-term active traders. Makes sense.

You can learn some advanced level lessons here regarding:

  • Technical tools and indicators (candlesticks, chart timeframes, oscillators, patterns, trends, moving averages, et cetera)
  • Trading Strategies/Style (swing trading, scalping, day trading, arbitrage, et cetera)
  • MetaTrader platforms (MT4 and MT5)

Apart from these, the Gold package also gives you the chance to communicate and consult with a market expert. You get the chance to talk to someone who’s considered an expert at what he does.

Whether it’s a question about Fibonacci trading or trading breakouts, this expert will probably have an answer.

Platinum Package

Platinum Package

Last but not the least, the Platinum package. Obviously, it’s not a cheap package. It’s not something you’d impulse buy when you feel like it. Other words, it’s an investment.

The question is whether it’s a good investment. And we think, yes.

The Platinum package is platinum for a reason. Among the packages, it’s the most comprehensive, most detailed, most insightful, and the hardest package. That’s why it’s best recommended for professional-level traders.

And we’re talking about people who’ve already been dealing with the markets for some time. Those with experience and considerable knowledge about the market, this is for them.

Similar to the other two, the Platinum packages has video lessons, e-books, and other learning materials.

But there’s more. You will also receive daily market signals, market news updates and commentaries, and access to a comprehensive economic calendar.

Similar to the Gold package, Platinum also lets you consult with a market expert. CapitalProRU knows that you want to get most out of your money. So, your $750 also comes with webinars and live video instructional materials that you can use when you trade.

Plus there are lessons about topics seldom tackled in usual programs. These topics include cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and more.

Capital Pro RU: Verdict

Capital Pro RU

So, what’s the verdict?

With the fully packed course offerings coming at reasonable prices, it’s easy to trust Capital Pro RU to do its part of the bargain. After all, these people are traders, so they know that a trader won’t invest in their educational package and expect nothing in return.

Whether you want to study fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or whichever analysis, Capital Pro RU has your back. Check it out today and see if it’s the best trading education website for you!

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