Educational Website: Capital Pro UA Review

Capital Pro UA may sound like just another educational website that brags about its offering. But, upon careful checking, it offers more than just mere words. This website review checks the things that this website got right about trading education.

As we all know, trading is a demanding endeavor. And half the fight is lost once you enter the battle without any armor, plan, weapon, or will to win. That’s why these educational websites and offerings are important.

Let’s see what Capital Pro UA offers.

What is Capital Pro UA?

What is Capital Pro UA?

Capital Pro UA is an educational website that takes trading education seriously. We say that for reasons that will become apparent shortly.

This website focuses its attention to the needs of learners. And by that, we mean that it actually knows what traders and learners need.

See, educating an absolute beginner and making him join the trading world with confidence is a tough job. It’s like firefighting or factory working, minus the physical strain.

With Capital Pro UA, learners get to have some grade-A education from some grade-A experts. These people are people who’ve dealt with the markets themselves.

So, in plain words, they know what they’re talking about.

Let’s check out the website’s offerings.

What does Capital Pro UA Offer?

As we’ve mentioned, Capital Pro UA takes trading education seriously. So, what they do is not to bombard the learner with a bunch of lessons at one time. Instead, they separated lessons according to the trader’s preference and level of understanding.

There are e-books, video lessons, and more materials available per course/package. These courses are:

  • Silver Package, which costs $100
  • Gold Package, which costs $250
  • Platinum Package, which costs $750

Silver Package/Course

Silver Package/Course

The Silver course is the least expensive of the group and it’s also the most easily understandable course. It focuses on the basics of everything in the market.

So, if you’re someone who’s eager to start investing but you lack even the basic knowledge, then this is for you.

You get to learn about basic market operations, differences of financial markets, jargon, trading assets/instruments, and the basics of online trading.

Although this package doesn’t offer some interesting features found in Gold and Platinum packages, it’s very popular for its hands-on but careful approach to teaching newbies.

From trading instruments to trading platform, you can’t just bring down everything on a beginner. In other words, the Silver package does a good job orienting and training novice traders.

Gold Package

Gold Package

The Gold package takes learning one-step further. Learning the market’s basics is just the beginning. This package is like a one-up level in your favorite video game. After all the practicing, coaching, and walkthroughs, you get to play the big man’s games.

At $250, it’s also not very expensive relative to the contents of the package. Similar to the Silver package, it offers learning materials like e-books, video lessons, and more.

Among the lessons included in this package are:

  • Chart reading
  • Candlesticks and chart analysis
  • Technical indicators and tools
  • Different trading styles
  • Trading platforms (such as MetaTrader platforms MT4 and MT5)

Basically, these are some advanced level stuff that officially separates you from the basic novice trader.

Moreover, the Gold package grants you the chance to communicate and consult with a market expert. This expert is a professional that will help you understand what you don’t understand in terms of the financial markets. It’s practically a free mentor given to you by Capital Pro UA.

You can learn more about patterns, trends, charts, Fibonacci trading, swing trading, and more with Gold package. With a reasonable price and a fully packed roster of lessons, it’s no wonder it’s the website’s bestseller.

Platinum Package

Platinum Package

Now, the Platinum package is another jump from previous level. In this package, you’ll learn more than just the technicals. You get to learn the fundamentals too and the mind-numbing relationships between them, not just beginner level knowledge.

At $750, this package guarantees that you get more than what your money is worth. You get a superb education that nobody can ever steal from you.

The Platinum package is the premium offering, and it’s also the course that’s fit for traders who believe they already have some significant amount of knowledge as well as sizeable experience.

Similar to Silver and Gold packages, this package delivers the lessons through video lessons, e-books, and similar learning materials.

Like the Gold package, Platinum gives you the chance to consult with a market expert and learn better and more competitive things.

The lessons in the package include those that are not usually taught in trading schools. Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, alternative investments, and more are waiting here.

It’s an all-in-one package that requires the best investors to take.

Capital Pro UA: Verdict


Capital Pro UA aims to deliver superb trading education to learners. And so far, the feedbacks we have seen from their clients have all been positive.

The package offerings are good and cover all the important topics in the market. Also, the prices are competitive. Some may think they’re pretty expensive, but all the contents of the courses more than make up for the price.

Overall, the education that Capital Pro UA is something worth investing in. Remember that before you join the markets, make sure you check this website out and see what you can get from it.


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