Educational Website: Capital World Review

Educational Website: Capital World Review

Capital World is an educational website with some of the most distinct and interesting educational offerings. Basically, it’s made by traders for traders. This website review aims to see how Capital World delivers these things.

Trading isn’t a walk in the park. It’s not a piece of cake you can east in one swallow. Capital World understands that, so it wants to provide the opportunity to learn for those who are eager.

Let’s see what Capital World gives to learners.

What is Capital World?

Capital World offers educational services focusing on trading education. And even though there are business and financial schools for that, Capital World offers an easier and more convenient way of learning.

What is Capital World?

This website employs individuals who have had experience in the market. And not just experience; they also brag about some successful history with the markets.

If they are as good as they claim, it’s possible that learners are up for a good treat, education-wise.

Learners have three packaged sources when learning. This feature is particularly important for traders who aren’t sure if they can tackle the intricacies of the market head-on given their level. That means there are beginner traders and then there are professionals.

What does Capital World Offer?

What does Capital World Offer?

As we’ve mentioned, Capital World offers three packages for learners. These are:

  • Silver Package, which costs $100
  • Gold Package, which costs $250
  • Platinum Package, which costs $500

Each of these packages are filled with lessons and discussions that are aimed at honing learner’s trading skills. Also, the packages are ranked according to their suitability to the learner’s level.

As we all know, you can’t just jump headfirst to the trading world without arming yourself with knowledge. Let’s check out what each package has got for you.

Silver Package

Silver Package

First of the bunch is the Silver package. This $100 package is packed with trading lessons suitable for beginners. So, if you’re someone who’s only beginning to discover the magic of the market, this one’s good for you.

The package includes discussions about:

  • Basic concepts in the financial markets
  • Terminologies
  • Different kinds of assets and instruments
  • Market operations and participants
  • Online trading

These lessons come to you in different forms. They may be e-books, video classes, live instructional classes, or others.

For a hundred bucks, you get to learn the fundamental structure and make up of the market. This package is highly recommended for those who are eager to start trading and investing but lack the basic knowledge.

Gold Package

Gold Package

The Gold package is for intermediate learners, or whose who have already started trading but still want to expand their knowledge more. These are traders armed with the basic knowledge of the market but who are still confused how the market really works underneath the basics.

It doesn’t only talk about trading instruments; it also talks about the technical aspects of trading.

As such, the Gold package is highly popular among traders who believe in technical analysis. The lessons include:

  • Chart analysis and reading
  • Trend and pattern analysis
  • Trading strategies (both long-term and short-term; active and passive)
  • Trading platforms

What’s more, you get to study these advanced level lessons with a market expert, a professional market consultant. So, you get firsthand, highly useful information and insights.

Platinum Package

Platinum Package

And when you’re done being average or intermediate, you get the chance to become more professional. The Platinum package is considered to be Capital World’s premium offering at $500.

It’s a pretty hefty price, yes. However, once you’re into the course and learning, you’d say this price tag is pretty cheap. That’s because there’s a lot to get from this package.

Platinum is the most comprehensive, most insightful, and most complicated learning you’ll get. Every professional trader needs something that will take him to higher levels. Whether it’s Fibonacci trading or complex long-term trading, there’s the platinum package to help you.

Like the two other packages, Platinum delivers the lessons through e-books, video classes, and more.

And just like the Gold package, Platinum offers the chance to learn with an expert. That’s right. A professional market trader will also guide your learning in this package, whether it’s about technical analysis or cryptocurrencies.

Webinars, trainings, daily market updates, commentaries, news, and more are also in this package. So, you get more than your money’s worth.

Capital World: Verdict

capital world

Overall, Capital World appears a very good choice for traders to start learning about trade. Its offerings are fantastic, and the lessons pretty much cover everything an investor needs to learn about the markets.

Although the price tags can seem a bit too much, again, the lessons are comprehensive, and the overall learning experience is excellent. So, it more than makes up for the expense.

Capital World is a good start for traders who want to make jump to the financial markets and for those who want to expand their horizon and sharpen their investing skills.

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