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Cryptocurrency leads to risks, Sri Lanka Central bank states

On Friday, April 9, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka published a notice regarding risk involvement in cryptocurrency investments. According to CBSL, trading with...
Bitcoin ATMs

You can already pay with Bitcoin at Caruso Properties

California Real Estate Company Caruso steps into the cryptocurrency world. According to Wednesday's announcement, the company will now accept bitcoin as payment on all...
Visa and Coinbase

Coinbase’s first earnings call hits record

Last week Coinbase announced that SEC approved its direct listing from April 14 on Nasdaq Market. According to Coinbase, the plan is to register...

Coinbase said its direct listing would be on April 14

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced on Thursday that it would begin trading on April 14 after receiving the green light from the Securities and Exchange...

BlackRock decided to take part in the crypto industry 

Investment firm BlackRock hinted that it could add Bitcoin futures to its funds in January. However, the company has already done that.   On Thursday, the...
paypal bitcoin

Bitcoin surpasses $59,000 as PayPal launches crypto payments

Bitcoin surpassed $59,000 yesterday after PayPal confirmed that it had formally launched cryptocurrency payments. According to Reuters' report, Paypal will introduce its long-awaited cryptocurrency...
Cryptocurrency and a music school

A Music School From Edinburgh and Cryptocurrency

It is hard to imagine the modern world without cryptocurrencies and a musical based in Edinburgh made an important decision. The Morningside School of...
crypto market, Australia benefited from Bitcoin

Crypto market avoided rally despite investors’ expectations

Investors expected the crypto market to rally again. However, the great surge hasn’t materialized thus far. Bitcoin climbed up by only 0.87% to $51,807.0...
crypto market

Cryptos edge towards bearish territory – market wrap

The crypto market is often volatile. However, it rallied most of the time in recent weeks. Bitcoin reached historical highs, surpassing $60,000 at one...

Bitcoin dropped below $55,000. What about other cryptos?

Bitcoin tumbled down by 0.25% to $54,203.0 on Wednesday. After a mixed start of the day, the crypto surged to an early morning high...

Crypto platform Bitpanda’s net worth surpassed $1.2 billion 

Crypto startups are flourishing, picking up pace with amazing speed. Some companies involved in building or operating cryptocurrency market infrastructure have raised the capital...

Joe Biden plans to tame the crypto. Will he succeed?

Crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, are very volatile. Over the past few years, they hit both dizzying highs and extreme lows....

Visa will become more involved with BTC. What’s the plan?

Visa began a global partnership with A Hong Kong-based payment and cryptocurrency platform announced this on Thursday. The arrangement includes principal membership in...

Ethereum Dwindles at $1,700-theshold, Updates of P-o-S

Bitcoin has had a relative weakness since the start of the week. Ethereum dwindles at $1,700 per token, with the day’s high hitting $1,800...
Bitcoin declined after surpassing $61,742 on Saturday

Bitcoin declined after surpassing $61,742 on Saturday 

Bitcoin tumbled down by 9.2% on Monday after hitting the record high during the weekend. First time in history, the crypto surpassed $61,000, trading...


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