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Crypto paying via wallet: Chainlock

Crypto wallets are becoming more and more popular on a daily basis. Being able to pay via wallet is one of the main aspects...
Bitcoin marketplace Paxful and Russia

Crypto money and holiday season

The importance of cryptocurrencies is increasing as more and more people around the world are willing to invest in the cryptocurrencies. One of the...
Crypto industry news

Bitcoin Price Upsurges After Mnuchin Expressed Negativity

In Asia, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin voiced new pessimism about Bitcoin’s futures. On Thursday, Bitcoin also increased above the critical $10,000 level. The bitcoin...
Wibest – Digital coins: Cryptocurrency exchange rate panel.

Digital Coins Shake the Cryptocurrency Market

Bitcoin supported the majors through the week as $11,000 proved to be a step too far. Drawing back the gains from Saturday, Bitcoin closed at...
Coinbase LauncCoinbase wallet and new opportunitieshed Visa Debit Card in European Countries - Wibest Broker

Coinbase Launched Visa Debit Card in European Countries

Coinbase introduced its Visa debit card in six European countries such as Spain and Italy. Click here now to learn more! – Wibest Broker
Bitcoin Developer' Proposals on GitHub - Wibest Broker

Bitcoin Developer’ Proposals on GitHub Highs

Bitcoin developer announced two proposal for better privacy of bitcoin. Click here for more information! – Wibest Broker
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Digital Coins: Cardano, XRP, and Litecoin Fail to Recover

On Thursday, setting the most massive one-day percentage loss since January 16, 2018, Cardano traded at $0.063663, down 20.15% on the day. The push of...
Wibest - Photo of the Facebook logo on the smartphone screen and the brochure with Libra logo.

Libra Tech: An Introduction to Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

Libra is supported with real, cold hard assets. Unlike most famous cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. It’s hypothetically a “stable coin.” It means...
Wibest – Digital coins: Libra Facebook cryptocurrency and bitcoin cryptocurrency.

US Lawmakers Dare Facebook Over Digital Coins

On Wednesday, senators convicted and criticized the proposed project of Facebook. Facebook showed it is not to be trusted by investors, as US lawmakers agree...
facebook and bitcoin

Digital Coins: Bitcoin Surges to $13,000 Level

On Wednesday in Asia, the largest digital coins by market cap Bitcoin rally continued. In the past seven days, as much as 15% increased...
Digital Coins: Walmart logo in white color with sun on the side and blue background.

Walmart Plans to Develop Digital Coins

The Walmart retail, a major US corporation, is arranging processes for a cryptocurrency and already on the starting point. On August 1, the company...
Blockchains and coolers for miners

GMO Internet Group Quits Bitcoin Mining Business

Japanese internet giant GMO Internet Group is ditching the bitcoin mining hardware sector, according to a report citing a public documents. Read more here!
The future of the local crypto industry

Cryptocurrency News: The Indian Government Bans Bitcoin

India seems to be all set into banning private cryptocurrencies. In cryptocurrency news, all private cryptocurrencies not including the ones issued by the state, be...
Cryptocurrencies on September 25

Crypto and Fiat Should be treated the same during Campaigns

A new survey by blockchain-focused research firm Clovr revealed that 60 percent of respondents believe that cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoins, should be considered as...
Fed Chief Yellen

Bitcoin “Anything but useful,” says ex-Fed Chief Yellen

Bitcoin is “anything but useful” store of value, according to former US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen in her speech on Monday, a Canadian...


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