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Bitcoin rose on Monday after losing 5.08% in the last week

Bitcoin gained by 0.83% to $8,782.2 on Monday. The crypto fell to an early morning low of $8,620.0 before hitting a high of $8,808.7....
Crypto mining and power generation

Electricity Reliability Council of Texas and Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the biggest and one of the most famous cryptocurrencies in the world. A cryptocurrency startup knows how to earn money even and...
Layer1 and its operations

Cryptocurrency Startup Layer1 and its Approach to Bitcoin

It is not a secret that crypto mining is a profitable business. However, one cryptocurrency startup found a way how to earn money even...
Cryptocurrency ownership in Africa

Cryptocurrency as an Alternative to Remittance Systems

Sub-Saharan Africa has a huge remittance market, as people who left their home countries send billions of dollars every year. Nevertheless, they have to...
Singapore and cryptocurrencies

Toronto Stock Exchange welcomes First Public Bitcoin Fund

  Recently, Canadian asset manager 3iQ has become the very first company to dispatch a reserve fund. The fund is attached to Bitcoin BTC on...
blockchain on keyboard – WibestBroker

Blockchain: Tron Conducts Hostile Takeover of Steem

BLOCKCHAIN NEWS: Yesterday, reports suggested that Justin Sun and major exchanges conducted a “hostile takeover” of the Steem blockchain. Sources said the majority of Steem’s...
tron cryptocurrency concept – WibestBroker

Cryptocurrency: Tron’s Hostile Takeover of Steem

CRYPTOCURRENCY NEWS: Justin Sun and other major exchanges executed a hostile takeover of the Steem blockchain, according to sources. Two weeks ago, Tron acquired Steemit...
Digital currency market on Monday

Real estate market and Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world. In the last ten years, it plays an important role, and even after so many years,...
Wibest –investigation plan: A folder with a close-up word “claims” and a note written under “investigation”.

Investigation plan: U.S. Unveil Antitrust Investigation Plan

Recently, two groups of US state attorney generals declared a separate antitrust investigation plan. This probe is regarding large tech companies that comprise Alphabet's...
Wibest – Fb: Persons handling phones discussing further goals regarding the digital coin.

Political Danger Rises on Fb’s Digital Coins

On June 18th, Facebook announced its idea to make global digital coins. The crypto was known as the Libra. Since then, the system and...


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