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Ukraine Government Releases Crypto Donation Website

On February 24, a large part of Ukraine became the target of an attack by the Russian military. Hence, Ukraine will open a donation...
Top Things to Check in Bitcoin This Week

Bitcoin Price and War – Analysts Expectation

Bitcoin price changed during the war. The print rate of 7.9% CPI emerged as the headline of the day. This put pressure on global...
Russia Crypto Restriction Fears - BTC Nears $43.5K

Sanctions on Russia-Belarus will Combine Crypto

The European Commission clarified that crypto assets would be subject to additional sanctions; Which aims to respond to the military conflict in Ukraine against Russia-Belarus....
Bitcoin Returns to $36K - the End of a Tense Week

Bitcoin Recovered After US Embargo Russian Oil

Bitcoin is down, however, later recovering and regaining daily earnings on March 8th, when U.S. President Biden announced a complete ban on Russian oil imports. BTC/USD...
Crypto Market Highlights – 2021

Portugal’s Securities Regulator Assertions Crypto Rules

New Crypto Rules for Portugal? - The Portuguese securities and financial instruments regulator said it is time to adopt cryptocurrency rules. The chairman of the...
crypto coins

Fantom and Solana Huge Hit Among Russia-Ukraine Concern

Frightened by escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia, the crypto market continues to decline. The leading layer of coins recorded significant losses. While Avalanche, Solana, and Fantom...
How to Avoid Losses When Investing in Bitcoin

BTC’s Head Solid Volume Since December

BTC volume increased to a level that had not been invisible for three months; Against the background of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to...
Politics and economy

Ukraine Received $37M in Followed Crypto Donations

Ukraine received $37M in crypto donations - The number of crypto donations sent to the Ukrainian government, military, and charities. These include Bitcoin, Ether, Tether,...
Bitcoin Returns to $36K - the End of a Tense Week

Ukraine Receives BTC, ETH, USDT Donations Amidst War

During the first week of the Russia-Ukraine war, the Ukrainian government addressed the crypto community on Twitter to support civilians and troops. Ukraine started receiving BTC, ETH,...
Prospects Of Russian-Ukraine Confrontation, The Euro's Gains

Russia-Ukraine Tension Impact on Crypto Industry

Russia-Ukraine tension continues - Bitcoin enthusiasts have long claimed the value of crypto as a haven from inflation and risks in traditional markets. However, hours after Russian President...
Russia Crypto Restriction Fears - BTC Nears $43.5K

Russia May Usage Crypto to Bypass U.S. Sanctions

Russia is preparing to avoid the negative impact of sanctions through crypto. Experts revealed that the country is ready to cooperate with anyone worldwide....
Colombia and cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Price Could Reduce – Macroeconomic Issues

It seems that the sale of Bitcoin stopped; While the US imposed new sanctions on Russia on 22 February. According to reports, the price of Bitcoin continues to...
ethereum and bitcoin

Ethereum Could Drop to $1,700 – Analyst Expectations

The price of Ethereum and bitcoin may be severely affected by the current wave of volatility. This forces traders to return to the drawing board and...
The Young Indonesian Earns $1 Million by Selling NFT Selfies

UFC Strike Marketplace, New travel NFTs and Crypt TV

Dapper Labs, the developer of NFT, released UFC Strike NFT. This contributed to a 50% increase in NFT sales on the Flow blockchain. Dapper Labs...
Crypto Forecast, Cryptocurrencies

ConocoPhillips Lowers Gas Fire Discharge via Bitcoin Mining

ConocoPhillips is an international oil and gas giant that handles fingers in bitcoin mining to eliminate useless practices on the wings. The company is...


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