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Litecoin “Significantly Overvalued,” Analyst Says

Those who believe in Litecoin have long touted it as “silver to bitcoin’s golds.” The seventh largest cryptocurrency has been much like physical silver,...
Ethereum updates its algorithm to reduce transaction fees

EY Introduces ZKP on Ethereum Blockchain

Accounting firm EY has announced a tool that it claims will bring private transactions to Ethereum that’s a public blockchain and not an enterprise...

Ethereum Foundation Donates $150,000 to Ethereum Classic

The Ethereum Foundation has recently announced that it plans to donate 15,000 ETC, which is just a shade less than US$135,000 (depending on the...

EEA Unveils New Specs for Ethereum Developers

The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) has rolled out a new set of specifications in an effort to offer standards for developers that use private...

Retail Giant Launches Blockchain Research Lab

Chinese retail giant is improving its edge in the blockchain technology by launching a research lab for blockchain, according to a recently published...

Nasdaq and Microsoft Tie Up for Blockchain Integration

New York-based exchange operator Nasdaq is now integrating its Financial Framework with Microsoft Azure Blockchain, aiming to actively adopt the capabilities of the technology...

Mining Bitcoin on Ethereum Blockchain Possible, Bitcoinereum

The developers of a new token that uses bitcoin principles on the Ethereum blockchain say that users can now mine coins without using any...
Fed Chief Yellen

Bitcoin “Anything but useful,” says ex-Fed Chief Yellen

Bitcoin is “anything but useful” store of value, according to former US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen in her speech on Monday, a Canadian...
Cryptocurrencies on September 25

Crypto and Fiat Should be treated the same during Campaigns

A new survey by blockchain-focused research firm Clovr revealed that 60 percent of respondents believe that cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoins, should be considered as...


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