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Financial Markets Enjoy Robust First Half

A Greek bank is one of the world's best performing stocks, bonds are on fire, and oil prices have surged by almost a quarter....

Biggest Economies: US-China Trade Deal Resolution is Near

The U.S.-China trade talks are near its ending. Signals point towards a done deal, with China to continue a large run on trade surpluses...

Netcoins App Enables Direct Fiat Purchase of Altcoins

A new crypto-buying portal, Netcoins, is allowing users to buy more than 20 cryptocurrencies and altcoins using fiat directly. Netcoins, which is the Canadian company...

President of China Indicates Trade War Not To End Yet

Xi Jinping signaled that trade war will not end soon and China is not going to cave in. Click for more information! – Wibest Broker

Bitcoin ATM-maker Lamassu Relocates to Switzerland

Bitcoin automated teller machine (ATM) manufacturer Lamassu has moved to Switzerland due to regulatory difficulties in other countries, according to a blog post. Read more here!

Litecoin Founder Debate over “Bitcoin Extremist” Tweet

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has triggered community debate with a tweet alleging that “some self-proclaimed Bitcoin Maximalists are actually Bitcoin Extremist.” Read more here!

BOJ Policymakers at Odds Over Bond Yields

Bank of Japan policymakers were at logger-heads on the amount which they should allow bond yields to fall, as they fret over a worsening...

Forex Markets: Dollar grapples ahead Fed minutes while gaining in Yen

The dollar struggles on facing its peers today, falling before the Federal Reserve’s (Feds) policy minute talk. However, it manages to gain on the...

$16 Million Stolen from Cryptopia in Recent Hack

As much as $16 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 tokens were stolen in the recent hack of New Zealand exchange Cryptopia, according...

Alphabet’s Google in Antitrust Violations

Alphabet’s Google might face an antitrust case from the DOJ due to a history of complaints. Click here for more! – Wibest Broker


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