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British PM Theresa May Postpones Brexit Parliamentary Vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday cancelled a parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal to seek more concessions but the European Union refused to renegotiate and lawmakers doubted her chances of winning big changes. Read more here!

March 1 a ‘Hard Deadline’ for Talks, says Lighthizer

US-China trade negotiations need to come with a successful end by March 1 or new tariffs will be slapped, according to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer on Sunday. Read more here!

US Employment Expected to be Easing over Economy Fears

US companies possibly maintained a solid pace of hiring in November while increasing wages for workers, indicating that the economy is still strong enough...

Australia Bank Next Rate Move Possibly Up

Australia’s central bank has some room to slash policy rates from current record lows although the next move is still likely to be an increase rather than a decrease, said Deputy Governor Guy Debelle. Read more here!

China Confident to Deal with the US over Trade War

China showed confidence on Wednesday that it can reach a trade deal with the United States. Read more here!

Yield Curve Narrows, Fed in Debate

Top US Federal Reserve officials say that a strong economy will possibly keep the bank’s increase plan intact, but on Monday a key signal, which is the yield curve, started to waver. Read more here!

US, China on a Trade War Truce after Meeting

China and the United States have agreed to a ceasefire in their prolonged and disruptive trade war on Saturday after a high-profile meeting. Read more!

Fed Minutes Show “Warranted” Rate Hike Soon

Fed minutes of the November 7 to 8 policy-setting meeting showed that another interest rate increase was “likely to be warranted fairly soon." Read more here!

US Economy Slows Down in Q3

The US economy slowed down in the third quarter as previously estimated, but the pace was likely strong enough to keep growth on track. Read more!

Trump Welcomes a Deal but “Certain Conditions,” says Kudlow

US President Donald Trump welcomes the possibility of reaching a deal on US-China trade frictions over dinner on Saturday with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Read more here!

Trump Expects to Slap Higher Tariffs on Chinese Goods

US President Donald Trump said on Monday that he is expected to go ahead with slapping China with higher tariffs on $200 billion in...

British PM to Address Lawmakers on Brexit Vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May will tell lawmakers on Monday that they face a stark choice. Read more here!

China-Based US Firms Plans to Relocate, Survey Says

Over 70 percent of US companies that have operations in southern China are planning of delaying further investments in there and  moving some or...

Japan to Retain Policy, Centers on 10-Year Yield Range

The Bank of Japan retain its policy settings at its meeting this week, according to economists in a poll, amid stronger speculation that the...

Saudi Arabia Willing to Accept Deficit for Economic Growth

Saudi Arabia is planning to balance its state budgets over the medium term although they stay willing to accept deficits if they are needed...


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