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CFD Margin Calculator


A Contract for Difference margin is the financial prerequisite that a trader must fulfil to engage in CFD trading. CFDs are intricate financial instruments that carry a substantial risk of capital loss. In simpler terms, the CFD margin is the minimum initial deposit a trader must provide to access the broker’s funding. This underscores the significance of having a CFD Margin Calculator, an indispensable tool for all traders.

Using the Calculator


Effectively utilising the CFD Margin Calculator involves the following steps:

  1. Input the contract size or the number of shares you intend to trade.
  2. Specify the current market price per share.
  3. Select the leverage option offered by your broker.
  4. Enter the margin rate. The broker typically provides both margin rates and leverage.
  5. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the required CFD margin.
  6. Upon clicking calculate, you will receive either the necessary leverage or the monetary amount required to initiate the trade.

Understanding the CFD Margin Formula

Given the complexity and potential financial risk associated with leveraged products like CFDs, it is essential for traders to not only acknowledge the inherent risks but also comprehend the CFD margin calculation formula. Here’s how it works:

((Contract Size * Market Price) / User Leverage) * Required Margin Rate = CFD Margin



  • Contract Size: Represents the quantity of shares you wish to trade.
  • Market Price: This signifies the prevailing market price per share.
  • User Leverage: Denotes the leverage provided by your broker.
  • Required Margin Rate: Corresponds to the percentage of margin requirements necessary to initiate a trading position.

Please bear in mind that CFDs are exceptionally intricate financial instruments. Alongside trading experience and market knowledge, a fundamental understanding of these calculations is crucial to avoid potential financial losses. We trust that our CFD Calculator will prove to be a valuable asset in your role as a trader.



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