Wed, July 24, 2024

City Index Launches Performance Analytics for UK Traders

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City Index has launched its new brand with PlayMaker, an innovative performance analytics feature that allows clients to monitor their trading plans in real-time.

The company updated its branding recently, and it’s now available on the website. This refreshed design will provide customers with a more modern experience as they navigate through all of our services.

City Index’s Regional Business Director for the U.K., Giles Watts, stated: “The current financial markets and global events provide both risk and opportunity for investors. City Index is dedicated to assisting traders of all skill levels in becoming more aware of the market and its behavior. The two announcements demonstrate our unwavering commitment to assisting our clients in  achieving their goals.”

City Index has partnered with the Sydney Roosters, an Australian rugby team, to promote its global presence.


From today, traders in the United Kingdom can use City Index’s innovative feature. The company has a significant presence in the area.

City Index is one of the oldest companies in the United Kingdom and has become a well-known brand for UK investors and traders. With PlayMaker, City Index continues to provide traders with cutting-edge trading tools to assess their trading behaviors against the market in real time.

Traders in the UK can now use PlayMaker to evaluate their trading plans and assess how they’re performing against real-time market conditions. It allows traders to minimize risk by using proper money management rules, creating reminders to keep them from making impulsive trades, and monitoring real-time metrics on open transactions to stay disciplined.


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