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Cocoa Prices Surge to $12,000, Impacting Global Market

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Quick Look:

  • Cocoa prices surged from $2,467 in Jan 2023 to $12,000 in Apr 2024, settling at $8,673 in May 2024.
  • El Niño caused heavy rains and crop losses in West Africa, majorly affecting cocoa supply.
  • Low farmer incomes in Ghana and Ivory Coast hinder investments in better yields.

The cocoa market has experienced unprecedented price fluctuations over the past year and a half, significantly impacting the global chocolate industry. The surge in cocoa prices, primarily driven by a confluence of climatic, economic, and speculative factors, has reshaped market dynamics, compelling stakeholders to adopt new strategies to mitigate challenges.

In January 2023, the price of cocoa stood at $2,467 per tonne. By April 2024, this figure had soared to a staggering $12,000 per tonne before slightly retreating to $8,673 by the end of May 2024. These dramatic shifts can be attributed to several key factors.

Climate Change and Speculation Drive Cocoa Prices

Climate Change has played a pivotal role in the volatility of cacao bean prices. West Africa, the world’s primary cocoa-producing region, has faced severe disruptions due to the El Niño weather pattern. This phenomenon has brought heavy rains, which have spread black pod disease, resulting in substantial crop losses. The region’s dependency on stable weather conditions makes it particularly vulnerable to climate anomalies, leading to reduced yields and heightened price pressures.

Economic Challenges further exacerbate the situation. In Ghana and Ivory Coast, where cocoa farming is a major livelihood, farmers earn less than $1.25 daily, a figure far below the poverty line. Despite the significant profits made by major chocolate companies, the low prices paid to farmers have hindered their ability to invest in and improve their crop yields. This economic disparity has reduced the capacity to respond to environmental and market challenges.

Market Speculation has also contributed to increased volatility and sharp price swings. Investor activity in cacao bean futures has intensified, with non-commercial investors holding a significant portion of the market. This speculative trading has amplified price movements, adding another layer of complexity to the cocoa market.

Chocolate Prices Rise as Cocoa Hits $12,000

The surge in cocoa prices has had profound implications for the chocolate industry. Higher cocoa prices have forced chocolate makers to raise their product prices, leading to declining consumer demand. Companies have adopted various strategies to cope with these cost pressures, such as altering recipes to use less cocoa and shrinking product sizes to manage expenses. These changes reflect the industry’s efforts to balance cost management with consumer expectations.

Cacao Bean Prices May Stabilize Around $6,000

Looking ahead, several factors could contribute to the stabilization of cacao bean prices. Improved weather conditions, particularly the transition from El Niño to La Niña, could enhance cocoa harvests, easing supply constraints. Government efforts to increase farm-gate prices could incentivize higher deliveries, providing some relief to farmers.

However, long-term issues remain unresolved, such as ongoing climate change and farmers’ persistent economic hardships. Price predictions suggest a potential stabilization of around $6,000 per tonne, but continued supply challenges and market speculation could lead to further volatility.

Technical Analysis Shows Bearish Trend

In 2023, cacao bean prices began at around $2,500 per tonne and experienced a gradual rise to $4,300 by the year’s end. The first few months of 2024 saw an accelerated uptrend, with prices nearly reaching $12,000 per tonne by April. However, a sharp decline followed, bringing prices down to approximately $8,100 in recent weeks.

The market has found support near the 50% Fibonacci retracement level around $6,900, with immediate resistance at $9,468. The medium to long-term trend appears bearish, making it unlikely that prices will revisit the highs seen in April soon. Traders might consider shorting positions above $8,400, with a stop loss at $9,470 and a profit target around the next support level of $5,900.

The Organic Cocoa Products Market

The organic cacao bean products market has expanded, driven by various factors. The market’s scope is determined through extensive research methodologies, including secondary and primary sources and country-by-country model mapping. Market volume estimations are grounded in internal and external private information, patents, and regulatory sources.

Key dynamics include the material properties of organic cocoa products, which are strong, lightweight, and recyclable. These properties make organic cocoa suitable for various applications, including food packaging and consumer items like CDs and DVD cases. The market’s growth is also propelled by the cost-efficiency of these materials, which offer low-cost, high-strength plastic alternatives. Recyclable uses extend to home building materials, insulation for structures, and sterile disposable cutlery.

Market Dynamics and Growth

The growth of the organic cacao bean products market is further driven by its expanding application scope across various end-use sectors, such as electronics and construction. The increasing use of organic cocoa in building and insulation sectors highlights its versatility and potential for sustained market growth.

The cacao bean market is navigating a complex landscape of climatic, economic, and speculative influences. While short-term stabilization might be on the horizon, long-term challenges persist, necessitating strategic adjustments by industry stakeholders to ensure resilience and sustainability in the face of ongoing volatility.



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