Coinbase Closes for Four Weeks – Staff Recharge

Coinbase Closes for Four Weeks - Staff Recharge

Coinbase, the U.S. major cryptocurrency exchange, will give employees a one-week vacation every quarter in 2022. This is to recharge after intense work. The chief officer of Coinbase noted that almost the entire company would be closed for four weeks during the year. This will be part of the experiment, which will allow employees to recover after an intense workout. Exchange employees are not fully limited to a 40-hour workweek. You may also have to turn around at the moment. This, in turn, seems to create the potential for burns.

2020 showed that many employees were not getting enough time to charge. The reasons were many. One of them was that they did not want their teammates to work for them or to lag. The company knew it was unsustainable. Therefore, the firm has set a charging week of late 2020. They also had two charging weeks in 2021. This approach has shown that charging week positively impacts employee productivity.

According to Coinbase, four weeks for a company with hyper-development may sound like a great time to relax. However, given the intensity of work throughout the year, this is the best way to ensure peace for a sustainable company.

It is worth noting that many American employees work in unfavorable conditions. This often leads to a change of career or leaving the job. According to the latest data, the trade market has grown significantly in the last year. It even requires additional expertise in blockchain and crypto. Many companies nowadays have crypto payment services. This is to attract new workers.

Coinbase Strategy

Coinbase changed its policy when the pandemic started. This is to enable employees to work remotely from their homes. The CEO noted that the company would continue to offer this option once the quarantine restrictions are lifted. In the spring, the Crypto Exchange announced plans to close its San Francisco headquarters entirely in 2022; As part of the firm’s obligation to be remote in the first place.

Binance has taken a similar position regarding the possession of physical offices. The exchange does not have an official head office. However, its holding is registered in the Cayman Islands. Binance employees are from all over the world.

We wonder how effective Coinbase’s strategy will be this year. Other firms may imitate in 2022. The fact is that the pandemic has affected countless people. Consequently, a similar attitude on the part of companies is essential to employee health and productivity.

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