Coinbase Launched Visa Debit Card in European Countries

Coinbase LauncCoinbase wallet and new opportunitieshed Visa Debit Card in European Countries - Wibest Broker

Coinbase Launched Visa Debit Card in European Countries - Wibest BrokerOn June 11, the Coinbase, a United States-based cryptocurrency exchange and also a wallet service, introduced its Visa debit card in six European Countries.

All cardholders in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, and the Netherlands can use the new card which automatically syncs with their Coinbase accounts.

Aside from that, users can use the card as a mobile app for iOS and Android. Also, they can use it as a physical card and withdraw fiat currencies from automatic teller machines.

In addition to that, the new service offered by Coinbase gives users a way to spend cryptocurrencies at any marketer that accepts Visa cards. And they can also choose any cryptocurrency they want to use to make a transaction in the app.

However, Coinbase charges a fee for subsequently converting the crypto to cash.

Expanding the Coinbase

Last April, the card launched for users in the United Kingdom. The Paysafe Financial Services Limited issued the card. And it is being regulated by the Financial Services Authority as a certified issuer of electronic money and payment instruments.

Moreover, the services of the San Francisco-based exchange is widening significantly throughout the year. It expanded trading offerings to 50 countries and added trading support for its stablecoin USDC in 85 countries. Also, Coinbase included the dai stablecoin to the Coinbase Earn program. The said program pays users with crypto for watching educational videos.

The Coinbase Vice President of Business, Data, and International Emilie Choi verified that the company is not investing in the decentralized exchange sector.

“I think that there’s a lot of clarity right now on how that would work. We think this space is interesting, but we’re not actively investing in it right at this moment,” Emilie Choi stated.

Roman Schnider in Tezos

Elsewhere, Roman Schnider is known as the person who launched blockchain and cryptocurrency assurance division for PwC in Switzerland. And now, he will join Tezos as its chief financial officer. The company announced the news on June 11.

After 15 years, Schnider withdraws from the Big Four firm. But Tezos reassured that he is already familiar with the organization. The company was the first major blockchain project to acquire its finance and business operations audited by PwC.

Tezos is a platform which focuses on smart contacts and decentralized applications. It offers a protocol administered by stakeholders.

According to the president of Tezos, “The CFO and operations lead will be critical to our success.”

Then he also stated, “Roman’s experience makes him the ideal finance and operations specialist for our team.”

Last month, the company almost underwent its first token holder administered update after the approval of proposals in a three-month vote.

Looking back, Tezos managed to increase bitcoin and ether worth $232 million in July 2017.

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