Colonial Pipeline closes 2 gas lines due to Hurricane Ida

Colonial Pipeline closes 2 gas lines due to Hurricane Ida

According to the latest news, Colonial Pipeline officials will temporarily shut down Lines 1 and 2, from Houston to Greensboro, N.C. The decision came after the landfall of Hurricane Ida on Sunday afternoon as a precautionary and routine safety measure. 

Company officials announced that the fuel supply will be available at stations across the southeast. From the numerous terminals located along the supply route.

Remarkably, lines 3 and 4, which serve the northeast from Greensboro to Linden, N.J., continue to operate as normal. Furthermore, Colonial officials anticipate operations to continue full service. Though this will be following evaluation of infrastructure and successful execution of the company’s startup plan.

Moreover, it’s essential to mention that oil production in the gulf is also on hold because of Hurricane Ida. According to regulators, over 95% of the Gulf of Mexico’s oil production facilities are offline.

Notably, this is the same pipeline that was forced to go offline after a ransomware attack in May. Besides, this led to panic buying and a gas shortage across the Southeast.

The Colonial Pipeline is likely to get back to full service after the storm

Remarkably, the location of Hurricane Ida’s landfall is one of the worst possible for the oil industry. Analysts say that it could affect the major pipelines that carry fuel from the Gulf Coast to the East Coast markets.

The Colonial Pipeline is likely to get back to full service after the storm. Moreover, the 5,500-mile pipeline provides nearly half of the East Coast’s gasoline and diesel.

The company also announced that its other two fuel lines will continue to operate and not be impacted by the storm.

According to Wes Dunbar, vice president of operations for Colonial Pipeline, they have procedures in place to ensure the safety, protection and integrity of their pipeline and assets.

In preparation for Hurricane Ida, the firm implemented its emergency response plan. Notably, the plan prioritizes the safety of people and the continued safe operation of the pipeline. 

Lastly, Dunbar reported that millions of Americans benefit from their system for critical fuel supplies at times like these. Vice president of operations for Colonial Pipeline added that they try to be as prepared as possible for these types of weather events.

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